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Schedule Opening of Bank-Securities Account

I. Introduction 
"Schedule A/C Opening" is a service for investors who wish to invest in securities through ICBC E-Banking or at the ICBC Counter. Information given will be sent to the securities company chose by investor for arranging an schedule to open an account, which will only be completed until the investor signs in person all the necessary documents at the securities company. The investor then signs up ICBC's third-party depositary service once the account is successfully opened by securities company.

II. Target Client
Those who wish to invest in securities but cannot spare the time to find a securities company and open an account.

III. Service Channel and Time
Sign up the service either through ICBC Internet Banking or at ICBC outlet.
Service hours depend on the securities company; usual hours are 9:00-15:00 on every trading day. Some securities companies also open accounts for investors during Saturdays and Sundays.

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