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Announcement on the Service Upgrade of ICBC e-Payment

Dear customers:
In order to provide better and safer payment products and experience for you, our bank will upgrade ICBC e-Payment service in succession in different regions from April 16, 2017. The related matters are now announced as follows:
1. Customers with ICBC e-Payment accounts can use the registered mobile number of your e-Payment account to log in and use the Mobile Banking account or Internet Banking account. If you are a first-time user, please set the login password according to the system prompts. Those customers who have bound ICBC e-Payment accounts will be on the account list of Internet Banking or Mobile Banking and automatically incorporated into unified management.
2. From April 16, 2017, you can no longer use static password for verification and payment on the designated website with special payment limit and the same will apply to PC client in the future. Instead, you can pay by e-Payment.
3. ICBC will integrate Internet Banking and Mobile Banking online payment in the near future by launching the brand-new ICBC e-Payment to unify the payment process and interface of online payment, offline payment, transfer and remittance, bill payment, and withdrawal via code scanning. Please continue to pay attention to the payment products of our bank.
Thank you for your understanding and support. If you have any question, please call the customer service hotline 95588. The notice is hereby given as above.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
April 13, 2017