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ICBC Accelerates the Building of Smart Life Consumption Scenarios

Ms. Liu in Beijing only spends less than a minute to buy a home-made new smartphone at a preferential price. She does so via the ICBC credit card official App “ICBC e-Life”, by getting discount e-vouchers, and choosing to use 6 interest-free installments and bonus points exchange. According to an official of ICBC Peony Card Center, “ICBC e-Life” App has provided convenient and favorable consumer financial services for more than 20 million customers like Ms. Liu since its launch last year. The accumulated consumption value amounted to almost RMB900 million, and the number of transactions has reached 10.77 million. As a result, “ICBC e-Life” has become one of the most newly-launched but fastest-growing credit card official Apps in China.

The official said that consumers are more and more inclined to “fingertip consumption”, requiring all kinds of services to be delivered by several simple finger touches. To this end, ICBC builds high-frequency consumer scenarios around daily life needs, and sets up a “finance + technology + life” smart service system, thus bringing convenient and preferential services to consumers at any time and any place. At present, the “ICBC e-Life” App integrates major ICBC credit card services, such as ICBC Easy Loan, cash installment, billing installment, and scenario installment, and builds a safe and convenient consumer finance ecosystem. At the same time, the establishment of more than 60 daily consumer scenarios, such as favorite products, top-up, take-away, supermarkets, movies, travel, installment for purchase of phones and digital gadgets, group purchase for catering service, etc., can basically meet people’s various needs for clothing, food, housing, travel, entertaining, education and health care. In addition, it also provides customers with comprehensive value-added services, such as high-speed rail VIP service, auto insurance claims and maintenance in major domestic cities. In the next step, “ICBC e-Life” will also set up such scenarios as smart health care, renting installment, tourism installment, hotel installment, etc., and create new consumption conveniences by relying on financial technology, so as to meet the “smart life” needs of consumers.