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ICBC Launches Cross-Border Matchmaking Platform to Boost New Development Pattern

On the morning of August 28, 2020, ICBC launched “Global Business Matchmaking” platform in Beijing. It is a one-stop cross-border matchmaking platform independently developed by ICBC and open to global enterprises, enabling enterprises at home and abroad to have access to the global industrial chain by a single click around the clock, that, as a result, accelerates the establishment of a new development pattern characterized by “big circulation” and “dual circulation”. The event was attended by Mr. Zhang Wenwu, ICBC Vice President, and officials from the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the People’s Bank of China, etc.. Officials from governments and business associations of Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Argentina and other countries also participated in the event via video, and signed  agreement on cross-border matchmaking service cooperation.

When addressing the event, Zhang Wenwu, Vice President of ICBC, indicated that the launch of the “Global Business Matchmaking” platform is not only an important measure for ICBC to promote global industry chain cooperation and accelerate the establishment of the “dual circulation” development pattern which takes the domestic market as the mainstay and allows domestic and foreign markets to boost each other, but also a new attempt to actively respond to the changes in new situations, support the resumption of work and production of small and medium-sized enterprises, stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment, and better serve the real economy. As of the end of June, ICBC had provided a total of RMB1.2 trillion as financing support for the resumption of work and production; its domestic institutions had provided a total of over RMB200 billion in financing to key foreign trade and foreign-invested enterprises, while its overseas institutions had provided a total of nearly USD5 billion in financing to key upstream and downstream enterprises of foreign trade and foreign investment. Now ICBC has a team with nearly 300 employees dedicated to cross-border matchmaking services, covering more than 80 institutions at home and abroad. In future, ICBC will keep deepening its cooperation and exchanges with government agencies and business organizations at home and abroad, actively build alliances of government agencies, industry organizations, industrial resources and digital development, and provide enterprises in various regions and industries with intelligent whole-process cross-border matchmaking services featured by “communication + service + transaction + operation”, in order to set up a cross-border cooperation ecosystem with complementary advantages and win-win cooperation. At the same time, enterprises’ diversified whole-process financial demands of “going global” and “bringing in” will be met, to make the platform a unique channel of knowing and serving customers, and to promote globalized and comprehensive development of inclusive finance.

According to introduction, the “Global Business Matchmaking” platform which integrates “Events”, “Marketplace” and other functional modules can support domestic and foreign companies to release, search, and screen target products and projects around the clock, and have online recruitment, supply and demand matching, business negotiations, tracking assessment and other activities. Meanwhile, the platform also provides supporting policy advisor, cross-border trading, settlement, financing and other financial services to help domestic and foreign firms on the platform to seize business opportunities in the international market and access the global industrial chain at one stop.

To support the event, ICBC also held the “2020 Malaysia-China SMEs Business Matchmaking Conference”, where more than 100 Chinese and Malaysian firms conducted one-to-one online negotiation through “Global Business Matchmaking” platform. More than 30 agreements and letters of intent were signed, and over 60 corporations reached the intention of further field investigation and cooperation. In the next step, ICBC, relying on its “Global Business Matchmaking” platform, will continue to provide cross-border trade negotiation and matchmaking services for the 3rd China International Import Expo, to facilitate China’s wider opening up to the world.

(Platform website: https://match.icbc.com.cn)