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Personal Card-Loan Link

☆ Introduction
This is an ICBC value-added service for customers to use personal loan conveniently. Customers can use this service to draw loan on revolving basis for POS/online payment as and when necessary.

☆ Features
Flexible use of money: Amount is released when using the card to checkout at POS or online via B2C;
Wide usage: The card can be used at domestic and overseas CUP merchants. Just one card in your hand to get spending cash anywhere in the world;
Borrow as you need: Apply once, and the card can be used anytime to draw cash easily and conveniently;
Save interest: Borrow and pay within the revolving credit line, minimize interest expense;
Easy repayment: many options available: repay when due, early repayment, repay on specified date;
Long tenure: The period of using the revolving credit line in "card loan link" service is within the validity period of the revolving limit matched with the personal revolving loan contract, up to 6 years;
Self-defined loan tenure and credit limit: Credit limit and loan tenure can be self-defined anytime based on own spending;
Easy checking: The use and expiry of loan can be checked through various channels: at the counter or via Internet Banking.

☆ Application and Use
Upgrade "Card Loan Link" card -> sign agreement on use of money -> borrow and spend -> repay loan
(1) Upgrade "Card Loan Link" card
Use the debit card to sign the Personal "Card Loan Link" Card Agreement and upgrade the debit card as the "Card Loan Link" card, either in person at the ICBC counter or online via Internet Banking.
(2) Sign agreement on use of money
Use the "Card Loan Link" card and sign the agreement on use of money at the outlets where personal loan service is available. State the maximum available limit and the tenor for one single loan in the agreement.
(3) Easy withdrawal, use revolvingly
Once the agreement is signed, customers can use this service to draw loan on revolving basis for POS/online payment as and when necessary.
(4) Repay the revolving loan
Borrowers are free to decide when to repay, either when due or in advance, repay one loan or in batch.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.

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