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Internet Banking

1. What are the features and advantages included in the enquiry on multiple accounts of Corporate Internet Banking?
2. Who and how would be benefited using this ICBC enquiry function to check the multiple accounts of Corporate Internet Banking?
3. What are the conditions to apply for the function of multiple accounts enquiry?
4. My company is a user of ICBC Corporate Internet Banking, is it necessary that the certificate has the authority to make transfer to any account before buying any investment product?
5. Is it possible to apply for e-slip more than once via Corporate Internet Banking?
6. Does Corporate Internet Banking allow instructions for single or batch payment to be submitted using personnel certificates?
7. Series questions of Bank-Tax Link service
8. Can my company make partial repayment to the loan via Corporate Internet Banking?
9. Why does ICBC system display "4414" when sending Payment Instruction via Corporate Internet Banking?
10. System error "7299 Instruction processing failure" comes out twice when making reimbursement to employee via Corporate Internet Banking. However, the status of Beneficiary's A/C No. is normal. Why?
11. Why hit the error "7923" when making remittance under Corporate Internet Banking?
12. How many English or Chinese characters can I fill in for "Purpose" in making payment via Corporate Internet Banking?
13. What is the online guarantee business of Corporate Internet Banking?
14. What is the optimizing content of the upload mode of Corporate Internet Banking batch payment files?
15. Can we realize the functions that staff of ministry of personnel submit payroll payment orders and the finance director is not able to view details of the payment via Corporate Internet Banking?
16. Can ICBC Corporate Internet Banking pay to personal account?
17. Are there any difference in Corporate Internet Banking cross-bank remittances after this upgrade?
18. Any authorization required when the company allocates funds from Head Office to subsidiary branches via Corporate Wealth Management?
19. Can I make payment to Personal International Card via Corporation Finance Room of Corporate Internet Banking?
20. How to resolve the problem "Failure in establishing security channel" during the transaction via Corporate Internet Banking?
21. Why some batch instructions of my company submitted via ICBC Corporate Banking display "Fail the check"?
22. Can customers of ICBC Corporate Banking subscribe Balance Reminding service for FX account via ICBC Messenging?
23. How many mobile numbers can be registered by one Corporate Current Account to subscribe SMS Alert for account balance?
24. How does the other party receive bills after corporate customer finished the bill negotiation application?
25. Does my company need an Authorization Card to buy fund?
26. Why does the system suggest me that "Cannot make transfer remittance, Please choose direct remittance" when I make inter-bank remittance through ICBC Corporate Internet Banking?
27. How to get "Corporate Account Balance Change Alarm" service through e-banking and How much does it charge?
28. Where can I find the downloadable standard document for batch payments via Corporate Internet Banking?
29. What is directed remittance?
30. What are special engaged websites?
31. Why was the corporate customer, who has only one certificate, suggested that "Wait for authorization" after submitting the instruction?
32. What are the similarities and differences between the function of "Corporate Financial Room" in Payment Business and VIP Room?
33. Is there a time limit of logon password wrong input for Corporate Internet Banking general edition?
34. What is the logon password for Corporate Banking general edition?
35. How to find the logon password for the general version of corporate Internet banking?
36. What are the advantages of Internet Credit Business?
37. How to initiate the call deposit business at the corporate Internet banking? What is the difference between the call deposit opened over the counter and that opened at the Internet banking?
38. How can an enterprise become an appointed web of ICBC?
39. When does your bank debit the commission for Internet transfer & payment of the corporate Internet banking? When can I get the receipt?
40. What is the B2B online payment business of ICBC? What are the features? How to become a B2B cooperative website of ICBC? What charges have to be paid?
41. What is the function of the options of "summary account" and "subsidiary account" on the page of inputting corporate financial room instruction at the corporate Internet banking?
42. What is "Bank-Enterprise Interlink"?
43. Must a personal client sign a deduction agreement when using the "batch instructions of deducting from personal accounts" function at the toll station of the corporate Internet banking?
44. What is e-receipt?
45. What types of accounts can be registered at the corporate Internet banking?
46. What materials should I submit when registering at the corporate Internet banking?
47. What is the activation code?
48. How to renew the client certificate?
49. What is TIPS?
50. How to open Bank-Tax Link service?
51. What is the product applicable scope and target customers of Bank-Tax Link?