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Internet Banking

1.Why system indicates that "ActiveX error" after I enter password to logon Personal Internet Banking?
2.Can I check the status of my E-Banking Code Card via Personal Internet Banking?
3.Under what circumstances will my E-Banking Code Card be locked-up?
4.Series questions of Internet Banking Provident Fund
5.How to update USB-Shield password?
6.Any restriction in the amount when I make remittance to payees outside China through Internet Banking?
7.What are the services available for repayment of peony card under Personal Internet Banking?
8.What are the options for temporary credit limit adjustments under Personal Internet Banking?
9.What are the transaction currencies included in the ICBC service of "Forextrading"?
10.My settlement account is a passbook, can I change this registered passbook account into an account under my Money Link card for signing up the third-party depositary?
11.Can I save my payees' accounts frequently used under Internet Banking?
12.What are the necessary steps to sign up the service of Physical Gold Deferment?
13.How do I get profit out of the service of Physical Gold Deferment?
14.What is the USB-Shield (Second Generation)?
15.Can I continue to use the general USB-Shield?
16.How much does The USB Shield (Second Generation) cost?
17.Can I check statements of supplementary card of International Card through my Personal Internet Banking?
18.If I have registered Mobile Banking (WAP) through self-service, how to cancel it?
19.Any restriction to Easyown users in using ICBC Mobile Banking (WAP)?
20.Can I transfer from "Current-to-fixed" account in foreign currency under "Registered A/C Transfer"? How long is the deposit period?
21.Can I make batch payment via Personal Internet Banking using accounts of other banks or in other cities?
22.What is "Co-brand e-Card"?
23.Series questions of Third Party Depositary
24.Series questions of Schedule Service
25.What is the banking hours if I use Third Party Depositary to make transfer through E-banking?
26.How to sign up the Schedule Service under Internet Banking?
27.Series questions of Internet Banking(VIP version)
28.Series questions of Small-amount Foreign Exchange Purchasing service
29.Series questions of Personal Internet Banking Loan Application
30.Series questions of Mobile Banking Short Message Verification Service
31.Why does ICBC system indicate "4911 Card Has Been Collected" when I register Personal Internet Banking?
32.Why does the ICBC system display "32316 No Area Code" when I logon Personal Internet Banking?
33.What does the error code "5417" indicate when I remit via Personal Internet Banking?
34.When I insert USB-Shield to make payment via Personal Internet Banking, there is a system message: "Choose one Certificate", but no Certificates available to choose in the pull-down menu, why?
35.System error "oxaa" comes out when using Certificate to make remittance online. Why?
36.Can I use the monies received from selling paper gold to trade again and again?
37.If I have ICBC accounts in two areas under my name, can I transfer FX between these two accounts via Internet Banking?
38.Is it necessary to add the Card being held in custody as the registration Card of Internet Banking when I use my A/C in custody to buy and sell fund?
39.Can I overdraft if I use International Card to make B2C online payment through ICBC?
40.Why does VISTA system always display "THE MY STORE COULDN'T BE OPENED" when I use my USB-Shield under VISTA?
41.Why does ICBC system indicate "10386" when I register Internet Banking by myself?
42.Why does ICBC system suggest that "3037" when I sign Auto-Repay Agreement for my International Card?
43.How do I apply for a USB-Shield?
44.Can I apply for a USB-Shield from other branches rather than the one I opened my ICBC accounts?
45.How do I apply for a new USB-Shield in case I lost my USB-Shield?
46.How should I do if I forget my password of my USB-Shield or my password is locked?
47.Can I continuously use my USB-Shield after I demagnetized my registration card or change my registration card?
48.Can I let others use my personal USB-Shield if I don't use it anymore?
49.Why does the customer-self download credentials system prompt me with "31456"?
50.What should I do if the "Card Reader or the Name of the Smart/IC Card" in the "Smart/IC Card Management" is blank in my previous version of G&D Credentials Driver?
51.How should I handle the prompt: USB KEY Type Selection Error, when I was downloading the credentials myself?
52.What should I do when I got the prompt: Reading Medium Number Failure, while I was downloading the credentials myself?
53.What should I do if I got the prompt: The System Unable to Download the Control Programs, while I was downloading the credentials data?
54.How do I set my USB-Shield's password?
55.Is there a certain download sequence between the USB-Shield driver and Control Programs while I am downloading them from ICBC's Website? Or I can download either of them first?
56.Do I need to delete my previous driver and the Control Programs before I download new ones?
57.How to check if USB-Shield driver has been installed?
58.Does the USB-Shield support VISTA system?
59.What should I do when my computer has no response or my IE closed automatically while I was using my USB-Shield?
60.When I was prompted: Please select the user credentials that is used for signatures, but I couldn't select the credentials data in the select box while I was conducting transactions. Why?
61.When I was prompted: The length of the obtained signature pack: Error! Error Code: 0x8009000d, while I was transacting. What should I do?
62.I was prompted that there are unsuccessfully downloaded Control Programs to the computer when I was transacting. Why did I get such a prompt? What should I do?
63.The USB-Shields (previous versions of GemPlus credentials mostly) can't be recognized by the Vista system. Why?
64.The SMART CARD at the customer-end operating system can't be started. How to fix the problem?
65.Can I use my USB-Shield out of the city where I applied for my USB-Shield?
66.A customer has already installed the Signature Control Programs; the password box still can't be popped up when the customer is trying to sign. How to fix the problem?
67.Can I cancel the Defined Fund Investment Plan signed up at ICBC Counter via Internet Banking or Telephone Banking?
68.Why is there no option available on the loan amount if applying pledge loan via Personal Internet Banking?
69.Can I sell the gold that I bought on the day using the ICBC service of "Gold Expert"?
70.Can I sign on the ICBC agency service of trading physical gold across China?
71.Improper display of password coordinates when I use Code Card for payment. "Cumulative un-response over the limit of trials; unlock the card at ICBC" comes out after clicking "Exception". Why?
72.Are custodians authorized to manage accounts from different principals?
73.Up to what period of fund trading results can be checked via ICBC Personal Internet Banking?
74.What kind of accounts can be used for trading FX?
75.Are all small accounts can be cancelled via E-Banking?
76.What is the Defined Fund Investment Plan (unfixed amount)?
77.How to conduct the schedule amount transfer and recurring transfer after the upgrade?
78.How to conduct T+0 financing business and rollover financing business?
79.What kind of functions can financial service inquiry/termination function complete?
80.What kind of changes are there while using Personal Internet Banking Bonus Point Redemption after the upgrade?
81.Can it affect the using of Internet Banking when the withdraw password of registered card of Personal Internet Banking is locked?
82.Why system indicates that "3395 system error, please contact ICBC!" when I add registered card via ICBC Internet Banking?
83.Can account custody be applied among different ICBC accounts in all areas, or any limitation in some areas?
84.Why the help files in Personal Internet Banking cannot be displayed?
85.Why is it suggested "3936, System Error" when I make remittance via ICBC Internet Banking?
86.Why do I receive a message from ICBC system to get the receipt from the Counter after I pay for the off-site traffic fine in Beijing via Internet Banking?
87.How many characters are allowed in "Usage" and "Notes" when I remit via ICBC Personal Internet Banking?
88.Can I use USB-Shield under the VISTA System?
89.Can I use my current account to buy fund or logon after I register it as Internet Banking account?
90.Is there any requirement to the authorized person and manager of account custody service?
91.Why the remark is stated as "No Capital" when I buy fund via ICBC Internet Banking?
92."8019" shown up when I open Internet Banking account for fund transaction, what does it mean?
93.Can I use Xiaolingtong to get balance reminding SMS via ICBC Messenging?
94.What happens if I cannot remember my username for logon ICBC Internet Banking?
95.Is there any transfer limits of e-card?
96.What should I do if CA returns error during downloading of Gemplus 2006, or I cannot validate the certificate via management tool? 
97.How to use e-Card to make online B2C payment?
98.Why Online Security Scan does not work sometimes?
99.Which items of USB-Shield control have been optimized?
100.Does the Personal Internet Banking English version provide the on-line gold trading service?
101.When will the auto-repayment contract take effect?
102.How to realize the network table power purchasing function by Personal Internet Banking?
103.Could I partially withdraw the deposit in advance via "Fixed to Current" of ICBC Personal Internet Banking?
104.What is the current price for USB-Shield?
105.How do I customize the home page of ICBC's Internet Banking login page?
106.I bought a financial product on ICBC Personal Internet Banking, Can I cancel at ICBC Counter?
107.Any changes in the E-banking hours for buying new fund?
108.Is there any limit when making transfers through "Air China" website?
109.What service functions does the current deposit book added to the Personal Internet Banking via ICBC counter perform?
110.Why customer was suggested that "The Bank Card opened by non-ID card can not be added to Personal Internet Banking" when he added inter-city registered card at ICBC business office?
111.What happens if no password or verification code can be entered, "Error" showed on the webpage,system prompts for ActiveX, or no display of Internet Banking menu via Personal Internet Banking?
112.What kind of card can be used to buy T-Bond through ICBC Internet Banking?
113.How to choose the remittance type of interbank transfer/remittance via ICBC Internet Banking?
114.If I have lost my account and made a report to the bank, how to conduct fund redeem?
115.Why the current status is shown as "Temporary suspend" when I click "Finance Service" - "Enquire/Terminate Finance Service"?
116.What if I cannot change the initial password when I logon Internet Banking for the first time?
117.What should I do if call deposit expires? What is the minimum deposit amount of foreign currency call deposit?
118.Why does the system suggest that "No quota" when I try to subscribe fund via Personal Internet Banking?
119.Could customer change his/her fund trading account between registered cards opened in different cities?
120.What is the transaction limits of outward overseas remittance via ICBC Personal Internet Banking?
121.Why does ICBC system suggest that "3526 trading time error" when customer makes online forex trading via Personal Internet Banking?
122.How to enquiry the fund shares if I purchase the "Rollover" RMB Financial Product through ICBC Internet Banking?
123.Does customer need to sign "Rollover" Account Agreement with USB-Shield through ICBC Personal Internet Banking?
124.Will it affect the Constant-dollar plan after I change the fund trading card via ICBC Personal Internet Banking?
125.Could customer cancel the fund conversion through ICBC Personal Internet Banking at present?
126.Could self-registered E-Age Card or Elite Club Account Card support the current to fixed transfer through ICBC Personal Internet Banking?
127.What does the first digit of serial number of USB-Shield stand for?
128.How to proceed if the logon ID is forgotten?
129.Why does ICBC system continuously suggest that "32002 verification code is wrong or operation overtime" when I enter password to logon ICBC Personal Internet Banking?
130.When can ICBC customer cancel the instruction submitted online not within the business hours for fund trading?
131.Is there any service charge for current to current transfer between inter-city registered cards through ICBC Internet Banking?
132.How to enquiry the fund company via ICBC Personal Internet Banking if customer purchases several funds?
133.Does customer need to choose the way of paying by cash or remittance in his/her repayment account when making foreign currency repayment to International Card through ICBC Internet Banking?
134.Can I add my bank card, which is opened by my other ID certificates in other city, to my local Internet Banking?
135.Why does the system suggest that "Please logon ICBC Personal Internet Banking to reset payment password" when client makes online payment through ICBC Personal Internet Banking?
136.What is the on-line transaction limits for Self-registered customers of ICBC Personal Internet Banking?
137.What should I do if I input the code incorrectly when making online transaction?
138.What's the on-line transaction limits for customers registered over counter using static password?
139.Why was I suggested with an error code of "3429 The system error, please contact us" when I renewed service period of Balance Change Reminder via Internet Banking?
140.Why does the system suggest that "2487 card number error" when I open a treasury bonds account online?
141.How to apply for the E-banking Code Card and what are the charges?
142.Why does the system suggest me that "32732 Sorry, You have not opened the E-Commercial Functions"?
143.Where can I set transaction limit under which I can make outward transfer without the customer certificate?
144.How to open the "VISA/MasterCard SecureCode Verification Service"?
145.Do I need to apply for a Code Card if I have a USB-Shield already?
146.What shall I do if I was suggested "Please activate Code Card" when try to make B2C or C2C online payment?
147.How to inquire the information of remitter after I receive the remittance through ICBC Internet Banking?
148.Can the accumulated points of Internet Banking got from remittance through ICBC Personal Internet Banking be used permanently?
149.If the information with one of the batch remittance was mis-inputted during the batch remittance service of Personal Internet Banking, will it affect the payment of the whole batch remittance?
150.Why was I suggested that "the record already exists" when I registered the personal Internet Banking while "Unauthorized Logon ID" when I tried to log on?
151.How to deal with time deposit by Peony Money Link Card • e-age?
152.Why does the system continuously suggest me download the ActiveX when I try to change my password in the function of "Reset my Certificate Password" in Personal Internet Banking?
153.What should I prepare before conducting Gold Trade online?
154.What are the time rules for online funds?
155.Why was I suggested that "the status of fund is abnormal" when I subscribe for the fund via Personal Internet Banking?
156.Why can't I find any record if "Bill Payment Details Enquiry" after successfully paying the telephone free through Personal Internet Banking?
157.Why does it show a zero deposit interest rate when I open a call deposit online?
158.Why was I suggested that "Operating time error" when I purchase Treasury bonds online?
159.May I purchase T-bond via Personal Internet Banking?
160.When I shopping on overseas websites by ICBC International Credit Card, am I restricted to the online payment limit set for Personal Internet Banking?
161.If I have registered the Internet Banking with Peony International Card but haven't purchased a customer certificate (the "UBS-Shield"), may I buy it now?
162.If I want to use another computer to make online payments, do I need to download the customer certificate in this computer with the "UBS-Shield"?
163.Why was I suggested that "the password was incorrect over the time limit, logon fail" when I try to log on Personal Internet Banking?
164.If I do not have US Dollars in my online foreign exchange trading account, can I make gold trading?
165."How can I switch the service of Balance Change Reminding to another mobile phone number?"
166.Could I enquire or change my International Card information in the function of "Enquire/Change Card Information" of Personal Internet Banking?
167.What is "Reserved Information Verification of Internet Banking"? How to set it?
168.Could I register my Peony International Card to Personal Internet Banking in other cities?
169.In what ways could I make RMB repayment to International Card through Personal Internet Banking?
170.What accounts can be used as the collection accounts when I make recurring transfer on line? May accounts opened in places other than where I am based be adopted?
171.Could customer conduct pledge loan through Personal Internet Banking?
172.Is there any annual fee charged for Personal Internet Banking?
173.Why was I often suggested that "operation overtime" when logging on Internet banking?
174.Could I self-help initiate the function of Outward Account Transfer online?
175.What are the differences between self-help add registered card and self-help add under-linked card or account?
176.What is the two-way agency transaction?
177.I have received a short message asking me to call back for account checking, and requiring my card number and password. Is this reliable?
178.Could customer conduct password resetting of Internet banking in other city?
179.What do logon password and payment password mean? What should I do when getting either one of my logon password and payment password forgotten?
180.What is USB-Shield?
181.What is logon ID and how to set it?
182.Why couldn't I input the password in the logon page and payment page of Personal Internet Banking?
183.How to apply for registering the personal Internet banking? How long does it take?
184.How long is the period of account arriving for transfer within ICBC or interbank transfer through Personal Internet Banking?
185.What should I pay attention to when conducting the batch transfer business at the personal Internet banking?
186.I have enough money in my card, why was I suggested with an error report of "balance not enough" when making online payment?
187.What is B2C online payment business?
188.What are the qualifications for becoming B2C cooperative websites? What materials are required? And what work is needed to do in developing cooperative websites?
189.Why am I suggested that "Please pay by E card" after I fill in the payment card number and password when shopping online? What use does the E card have? How about if I do not want to use it?
190.What loan services can customers apply for through ICBC Internet Banking after its system upgrading?
191.What is the small-amount foreign exchange purchasing service?
192.What is Mobile Banking short message verification service?