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Overseas Branches

Over the course of two decades since the First Representative Office in Singapore in 1992, ICBC has made significant progress in serving customers worldwide through a global service network and an IT platform for all ICBC branches in China and overseas. Today, ICBC is providing trustworthy, all-inclusive, best-in-class and highly efficient financial services to all customers around the world.

I. Extensive Global Service Network
ICBC seizes the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to set up a global service network through new branches and acquisitions in emerging and developed markets. By end-2012, ICBC's global service network connected 383 branches in 39 countries/territories spreading over six continents of Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, America and Australia, the largest overseas branch network by a Chinese bank.
The number of ICBC overseas branches has expanded considerably in nearly 60 countries/territories spanning six continents of Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, America and Australia, indirectly bringing the global service network to 18 African countries through holding shares in Standard Bank of South Africa. ICBC overseas branches are granted banking licenses to perform full banking services. Most of the branches not only are allowed to offer commercial banking services but also full-service or partial-service investment banking and other financial services. Around 90% of the 10,000+ ICBC employees working in overseas branches are local staff. Being an important part of ICBC's overseas presence, the Bank's network of correspondent banks has grown to 1,630 banks covering 138 countries/territories.

II. Cutting-edge IT Platform
While gearing up for greater global presence, ICBC places equal emphasis in setting up systems and branches. ICBC overseas branches are always able to offer complete range of products/services while ensuring risk control, and that leads to good progress. FOVA, a system independently developed by ICBC since 2006, covers a wide range of functions for different services (deposit, loan, remittance, bank card, internet banking, international settlement, trade finance, global market operation).
Among all banks in China, FOVA is the first global IT platform which has been installed in all ICBC overseas branches except latest new or acquired branches. Through FOVA, ICBC provides a full spectrum of speedy services through all service channels in different currencies, to customers in different sectors, different time zones across the world. Starting from 2005, ICBC centralizes trade processing services in all overseas branches. So far, all international trade settlements are linked under Head Office's Trade Processing Center. All international transactions are managed and processed under one roof.

III. Excellent Global Services
ICBC leverages FOVA and different banking licenses of overseas branches to deliver innovative products and services that meet the market demand. Major products offered by ICBC branches around the world cover retail finance, bank card, electronic banking, fund clearing, special finance, global cash management, investment banking, asset management, trade finance, cross-border RMB.
As of end of 2012, ICBC had 1.6 million overseas customers in retail banking and private banking. ICBC Asia, being the flagship branch of ICBC in Hong Kong, sets up Private Banking Center to serve the private banking customers. ICBC also sets up Private Banking Center in Europe. In corporate banking and investment banking, ICBC is providing global cash management services to over 3,000 customers through four cash management centers in Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and America. Balance of in/off-balance sheet services of overseas investments by Chinese companies in all domestic and overseas ICBC branches reaches nearly USD 50 billion. 
ICBC International also achieves significant progress in underwriting business, ranking No.1 for another year among all Chinese investment banking firms by capturing over 60% market share in Hong Kong's project financing IPO. In serving "go global" companies, ICBC is a dominate player in the field acting as financial advisor or M&A consultant. For many years in succession ICBC has been named "Best Investment Bank in China", "Best M&A Bank" by numerous respected media and publications. In Internet Banking and card business, a majority of overseas branches have rolled out online banking and bank card services. In clearing services, more cross-border remittances are now cleared through a network connecting ICBC branches in China to New York Branch, Frankfurt Branch and Tokyo Branch.

IV. Good Progress in Multinational Operation
In going global, ICBC remains committed to a policy of sustainable and balanced growth to achieve stable performance. As of end of 2012, ICBC overseas branches had combined assets of USD 170 billion (approximately) with record profits. Their non-performing loans were minimal at par with international level.
In Hong Kong, ICBC Asia is the fifth largest bank, one of the banks with fastest profit growth in recent years. ICBC Macau is the largest local bank. Singapore Branch has been granted full banking license and appointed as yuan clearing bank. ICBC Indonesia, ICBC Thailand, ICBC branches in the Middle East, Seoul Branch, Sydney Branch, ICBC London, Vientiane Branch, ICBC Europe, New York Branch, ICBC Argentina all have considerable influence in their host countries.
With the rising status in the international market, ICBC has been highly recognized at the International Supervisory Joint Meeting held for the first time in China in 2009. Supervisory authorities from 10 countries/territories spoke highly of the stable performance of ICBC.  

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details. ICBC reserves the final right of interpretation.