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Frankfurt Branch

ICBC Frankfurt Branch ("Frankfurt Branch") was established in June 1999 and received full commercial banking license. Frankfurt Branch is tier-1 Euro clearing bank, member of Target2 Euro clearing system and SEPA, also ICBC Group's Euro clearing center. At present, Frankfurt Branch offers top-quality, highly efficient services to personal customers, encompassing deposit, remittance, bank card, FX trades, information advisory.

(I) Deposit Services
Deposit in Frankfurt Branch can be in Euro, US dollar and Japanese yen.

(II) Remittance Services
Remittances through Frankfurt Branch can be in various currencies: Euro, US dollar, Sterling pound, Japanese yen, HK dollar.
1. Remittance from other banks to Frankfurt Branch
For remittance from other banks (outside Germany) to Frankfurt Branch, supply the payee's A/C No. in Frankfurt Branch and SWIFT CODE (BIC). For remittance within Germany, supply the payee's A/C No. in Frankfurt Branch and Frankfurt Branch's Bank Code (BLZ).
Frankfurt Branch's Bank Code (BLZ):50110200
Frankfurt Branch's SWIFT CODE: ICBKDEFF
2. Remittance from Frankfurt Branch to other banks
Apply at the counter in Frankfurt Branch.
3. Standing Order
If you need to send remittance to a specific account periodically, Frankfurt Branch can send the remittance automatically as directed by your authorization.

(III) Currency Exchange
Frankfurt Branch offers currency exchange services in Euro, US dollar, Japanese yen, including foreign exchange spot, foreign exchange forward.

(IV) CUP Euro Credit Card
No annual fee, no account management fee and grace period up to 47 days.
CUP Euro credit cards can be used at acquiring merchants and ATMs marked with CUP logo worldwide. The cards are well-suited to Chinese, overseas Chinese and business executives traveling between China and Germany.
Cash Advance
1. Options
(1) At 25000 ATMs of German Savings Bank in Germany.
(2) At ATMs around the world marked with CUP logo.
2. Considerations
(1) Cash advance amount cannot be more than 50% of the credit limit.
(2) If currency of the amount drawn differs from the account currency, amount will be converted at the exchange rate quoted on the day.
(3) Cash advance fee is Euro 2.5 + 1.5% of the amount drawn, minimum Euro 2.5 and a fee of Euro 0.25 for every successful enquiry is charged.
Self-service: Frankfurt Branch opens clearing A/C No. for each cardholder. Cardholders send money to this A/C No. and Frankfurt Branch automatically deducts amount from the card for repayment on the due date.
Overdraft limit for the clearing A/C No.: same credit limit as the credit card and the overdraft interest rate is 10% /year (365 days).

(V) Service Hotline and Website
Frankfurt Branch's service hotline: (0049) 69 50604 700, Germany working days 9:00(AM)-17:00(PM), Services in Chinese, English, German
Frankfurt Branch's website:

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.