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ICBC Almaty

ICBC Almaty Branch, established in 1993, was reorganized into a wholly-owned branch of ICBC in Kazakhstan - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Almaty), JSC ("ICBC Almaty"). It is the first Chinese bank in Kazakhstan. ICBC Almaty has full commercial banking license and offers a full range of financial services to personal customers in Kazakhstan.

(I) Deposit Services
Two types of deposits: current deposit, fixed deposit, in tenge or USD.

(II) Remittance Services
1. RMB remittance settled in advance
Remittance sent from ICBC Almaty in tenge or US dollar is received by the beneficiary in China in RMB. ICBC Almaty converts the foreign currency into RMB at the rate quoted on the remittance day. You know the exchange rate for RMB and receiving amount when sending the remittance so no need to worry about the change in exchange rate.
2. FX remittance in original currency
Fast services available for you to send or receive remittance in different currencies.
3. Emergency remittance or bulk remittance can be credited into account within 30 minutes if informed in advance.

(III) Currency Exchange
ICBC Almaty offers currency exchange services in tenge, US dollar.

(IV) Loan pledged under deposit
Fixed deposit in ICBC Almaty can be used as pledge for Euro/USD loans.

(V) Guarantee backed by deposit
Fixed deposit in ICBC Almaty can be used as pledge for opening bank guarantee.

(VI) Creditability Letter
ICBC Almaty issues creditability letter at your request to prove the amount of your financial assets in ICBC Almaty and banking transactions with ICBC Almaty.

(VII) Internet Banking Services
You can check account balance, transfer or settle payment via Internet Banking.

(VIII) Address
110, Furmanov Str., Almaty, 050000, Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel: (727) 596-391 Fax: (727) 596-400

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.