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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited (ICBC Asia), a flagship branch of ICBC in overseas, is a listed bank (Stock Code: 349 (HK Stock Exchange)) registered in Hong Kong and held under ICBC. In Hong Kong, ICBC Asia has 44 branches and 10 "Elite Club Account" centers, offering a full range of financial services to personal customers in deposit, remittance, bank card, housing mortgage, personal loan, stock trading, fund trading, FX deal, structural products and insurance.

(I) General A/C Services
☆ Introduction
You can open Elite Club account or 349 consolidated account in ICBC Asia. ICBC Asia account opened via ICBC branches in China is the same as opened directly in Hong Kong.
☆ Features
1. Deposit in consolidated account opened in ICBC Asia can be in different foreign currencies, HK dollar, US dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Danish krone, Euro, Sterling pound, HK dollar, Japanese yen, New Zealand dollar, Singapore dollar. HK residents can open RMB sub-account under the consolidated account.
2 Both Elite Club account and 349 consolidated account are accounts. For consolidated statement you can receive monthly statement from ICBC Asia.
3. In Hong Kong, you can use cheque, bank card to draw cash or draw money at the ICBC Asia counter using the identity document for account opening. Cheque book and bank card can be applied when filling in Application Form for Bank Services and Account, No banking fee is collected.

(II) Bank Card Services
☆ Introduction
Apply for an ICBC Asia card if you wish to draw cash at any ATM. No fee is collected.
☆ Features
1. At ICBC Asia's ATM and ATMs in Hong Kong marked with "JETCO" logo, you can check account, draw cash, transfer money between accounts of ICBC Asia, interbank transfer between "Jetco" members, pay bill, donate money, pay credit card bill, apply cheque book/monthly statement or change password.
2. ICBC Asia card can be used at POS marked with "CUP" logo in the retail shops in China and overseas, up to HKD 100,000 or equivalent every day.
3. ICBC Asia card can be used at ICBC ATM in China to draw amount available in the master account (HKD savings account). The amount drawn in HKD will be automatically converted to RMB. No fee is collected. Daily withdrawal limit is HKD 10,000 or equivalent.
4. ICBC Asia card can be used at the ATMs of other banks marked with "CUP" logo in China and overseas to check balance and draw cash. HKD 15 is collected for every cash advance.

(III) Elite Club Account Service
☆ Introduction
ICBC Asia offers exclusive Elite Club Account service for top-class customers. No account management fee is collected if your have over HKD 800,000 on average every day, including all the deposit and investment (market value), in ICBC Asia.
☆ Features
1. Monetary transfer services: you can set up instructions for FX trading or monetary transfer. ICBC Asia will automatically execute the instructions when the setting of the instruction is met.
2. Auto-sweeping services:when your HKD/USD current account is overdrawn, ICBC Asia will automatically transfer amount from your HKD/USD savings account in the same consolidated account to the current account. Maximum HKD 10,000 or USD 1,000 per day, you have to pay the interest.
3. Automatic standby credit: Once you select the service, ICBC Asia will provide standby credit line up to HKD 5,000,000 automatically, depending on your fixed deposit. ICBC Asia also automatically chooses the lowest interest rate for you. You can lower your standby credit line if necessary.

(IV) Remittance Services
1. Remittance from other banks to ICBC Asia account
When sending remittance from other banks to ICBC Asia account, at the "receiving A/C No." fill in the payee's A/C No. in ICBC Asia. By default, HKD remittance will be credited into HKD current account, FX remittance to multi-currency savings A/C. Mark clearly the receiving A/C No. if you wish to credit the remittance to HKD savings account.
When sending remittance from China to ICBC Asia account, SWIFT CODE: UBHKHKHH
For transfer from other banks in Hong Kong to ICBC Asia account, ICBC Asia's Bank Code: 072
2. Remittance from ICBC Asia to accounts of other banks
Two main options for sending remittance from ICBC Asia to accounts of other banks: (1) Pre-registered payee account, (2) no registration in advance, but dual authentication (register mobile number to authorize SMS password).
(1) Pre-registered payee account: a recommended option in the case of large remittance amount. When opening account in ICBC Asia, fill in Registration Form for Personal Online Wealth Management Services ---Remittance/Transfer Payee. Fill in the details on any one bank in China or overseas, any one payee, submit the form to the ICBC Asia for registration. Once completed, you can remit money via ICBC Internet Banking. Up to HKD 500,000 or equivalent to each registered payee account in a day. If more than one payee accounts are registered, up to HKD 500,000 or equivalent to all the accounts in a day.
(2) No registration in advance, but dual authentication: When opening account in ICBC Asia, fill in Application Form for Bank Services and Account, choose SMS password dual authentication. After that, you can send money via Internet Banking to third-party not registered in advance. During the process, ICBC Asia Internet Banking will send a SMS with a one-time password to your registered mobile phone within the shortest time. You enter the password to finish the transfer, up to HKD 100,000 or equivalent in a day.

(V) Electronic Banking Services
1. Internet Banking
ICBC Asia Internet Banking website:
ICBC Asia offers 24-hour banking services. The range of services covers: check account balance, transfer/remittance, fixed deposit, FX dealing, securities trading, buying/selling fund, subscribe new stocks, bill payment, opening of foreign currency statement account and securities account, fixed deposit account. All ICBC Asia Internet Banking services are free of charge except in some services (securities trading, remittance).
Attention should be given when you use ICBC Asia Internet Banking: online wealth management A/C No. is the A/C No. Initial password must be changed when logon Internet Banking for the first time. Internet banking password should be a string of alphabets and numbers, case sensitive. Services will be locked up if Internet Banking password is entered wrongly for four times cumulatively, until the password is recovered.
2. Telephone Banking (Phone Wealth Management)
ICBC Asia's customer service hotline:
Hong Kong (852) 218 95588
Elite Club A/C hotline (852) 276 95588
China (86) 95588-8-1-1-0 (Cantonese), 95588-8-2-1-0 (Mandarin)
Telephone Banking is an option to continue the services and provide assistance to the customers. You need to apply, and set an 8-digit password. Once completed. You can operate your account via phone, or buy/sell securities which you cannot do it via Internet Banking (example, odd lot transaction).

(VI) ICBC Asia Securities Account, Fund Account and Bond Account
You can buy/sell securities, fund or bond via ICBC Internet Banking. When opening securities account, fund account or bond account online in Internet Banking, you can choose any one of your savings A/C or current A/C as the settlement account.
1. Friendly Reminder for buying/selling stocks online
(1) Trading hours in Hong Kong Stock Exchange: 10:00-12:30 (AM), 2:30-4:00 (PM), closed on HK public/statutory holidays.
(2) In Hong Kong stock market, stocks bought or sold on the day (T+0), settled in T+2 days. No restriction on the limit up/limit down on the trading day. Different stocks have different number of stock in one lot. Changes in minimum unit also vary. Details refer to the announcement of each company.
(3) The number of stock bought/sold must be integral multiples of stocks in one lot. If you sell odd lot (less than one lot), you have to call the staff of the Stock Department of ICBC Asia to buy/sell.
(4) The difference between stock's buy/sell price and current price must be less than 20 times of the bid/ask spread of the stock.
2. Check real-time quotes
The real-time stock price can be viewed on the buy/sell screen. You can trade instantly. Every month there are 300/500 real-time quotes provided to 349/Elite Club Account free of charge. Click "Stock Price" on the screen to look up the real-time quotes.
3. For those who have securities account opened in other banks in Hong Kong and trade stocks, they can transfer the stocks in account to ICBC Asia for custody. Follow the instructions of other banks to transfer the stocks to ICBC Asia for custody. Fee collected depends on the banks. Hong Kong allows investors to open more than one securities account. Customers who have opened securities account in other banks can also open new securities account in ICBC Asia. Investors have to submit instructions to the bank to transfer the stocks to ICBC Asia, submit instructions to ICBC Asia to receive the stocks and fill in ICBC Asia's Stock Deposit Slip. ICBC Asia accepts fax instructions. No fee is collected for transferring stocks to ICBC Asia. It takes 3-4 days to complete the procedures.

(VII) Service Hours

Service Channel

Service Hours

All branches

Monday to Thursday: 9:00 (AM) - 5:00 (PM)

Friday : 9:00 (AM) - 5:30 (PM)

Saturday: 9:00 (AM) - 1:00 (PM)

Call Center

Monday to Friday : 9:00 (AM) - 5:00 (PM)

Saturday: 9:00 (AM) - 1:00 (PM)

ATM, Phone Banking, hotline for reporting lost card, Internet Banking services


Online securities trading services

Monday to Friday: 8:00 (AM) - 4:00 (PM)

Securities trading services through call desk

Monday to Friday: 9:00 (AM) - 4:00 (PM)

Buy/sell stock via phone

Monday to Friday: 8:00 (AM) - 4:00 (PM)

(VIII) ICBC (Asia) - Branches
ICBC (Asia) - Branches (Chinese version)

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.