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Report Loss and Password Reset

I. Formal report of loss
For loss of any bank card (including Elite Club A/C Card, ICBC Moneylink Card and ICBC Co-branded Debit Cards), passbook or certificate of deposit, customers are required to report in writing in person to ICBC outlet with valid ID card, detailed information such as depositor's name, date of account opening, type of savings, amount, account number and address. In case the application is entrusted to the third person, the identity document of the entrusted person is also required. The lost bank card, passbook or certificate of deposit will become invalid after the report of loss is completed.
Post the procedure, depositors should retrieve a new bank card, passbook/certificate of deposit or withdraw deposit by submitting the application form and ID card at the same outlet. If the application form is lost or damaged, the formal loss-reporting procedure should apply.

II. Temporary report of loss
Report any loss of the bank card, passbook or certificate of deposit temporarily if there is a reason that you cannot make a format report on the loss. However, you cannot use the lost bank card, passbook or certificate of deposit during the 15-day validity period of the temporary report. You have to make a formal report of loss within this 15-day. Otherwise, the temporary report will be cancelled after the validity period expires.

Temporary report loss can be made at the ICBC outlet or through Internet Banking or Telephone Banking. To make a temporary report in person at the ICBC outlet, you have to surrender your ID card and supply the necessary details as depositor's name, date of opening the account, type of savings, amount, A/C No. and address If someone reports the loss on behalf of you, his/her ID card is required as well. Report loss through electronic banking either via Telephone Banking or Internet Banking is treated as temporary.

III. Password re-set
A service for customers to reset password for the bank card, passbook or certificate of deposit in case the old one has been forgotten. Only the depositor can reset, and he/she has to supply the bank card, passbook or certificate of deposit and own ID card to reset.

IV. Release report of loss
Release the report of loss in person at the former ICBC outlet where the report is made. You have to supply the bank card, passbook or certificate of deposit reported lost, as well as your valid ID card and the application form. No one can release the report loss on behalf of you. Banking charges collected will not be refunded.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.