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Easy Loan

☆ Introduction
Easy loan is a credit loan service for holders of ICBC debit card (or savings passbook) and credit card to apply when shopping at ICBC merchants or online. The loan is provided under the rules set by ICBC.

☆ Features
1. Loan in One Trigger, real-time loan advances
- Easy Loan is a credit loan with no requirement for collateral (pledge), and no need to apply at ICBC outlet, or submit application documentation, or wait for approval.
Just reply to ICBC SMS or click the mouse, and funds are transferred immediately to your account.
2. Access to available credit at your convenience, anytime, anywhere
- "Spend + Borrow" in one step, just borrow via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking or POS, when shopping online or making payment for goods bought at thousands of ICBC merchants.
3. Flexible lines of credit, easy loan, easy life
- Available to apply up to RMB 200,000 for one loan once a single consumption reaches RMB 100. Use debit card or credit card to apply, longest loan period is three years. With no need to make an appointment for repayment, you can borrow and repay anytime at ICBC outlet or through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking.

☆ Conditions
1. Natural persons with full civil capacity aged between 18 (inclusive) and 70 (inclusive) years old.
2. Top customers with good credit, for example: eligible customers who have opened salary accounts in ICBC.
3. Holders of ICBC debit card (or savings passbook), credit card.
Friendly reminder: If you pay by debit card (or savings passbook) and have applied for Easy Loan, make sure the balance in your payment account is not below the amount needed.

☆ Loan Amount
You can apply for Easy Loan once you spend RMB 100 (inclusive) or above for one payment. The maximum you can borrow is RMB 200,000, not exceeding the credit line granted to you based on your credit score and the actual amount required for the payment.

☆ Loan Tenure
Four choices: 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months.

☆ Loan Interest Rate (or Installment Fee Rate)
10% higher than the benchmark rate set by PBOC for loans of the same tenure and the same class.

☆ Repayment Options
Straight line repayment (monthly).

☆ Sign Up
When you use ICBC bank card (or savings passbook) to pay for goods at ICBC merchants or shop online, you will receive a message about "Easy Loan" sent automatically from ICBC system if you meet the conditions. If you wish to apply, send a reply online or use your mobile phone to confirm. Funds will be credited into your account immediately. Moreover, if you have not applied "Easy Loan" when making payment, you can login ICBC Internet Banking or Mobile Banking to apply within 7 days (not later than 24:00 hour on the seventh day after the payment, excluding the day you make the payment).
Friendly reminder: Before you apply for the first time, you need to sign an "Easy Loan" Agreement. You can sign the agreement at ICBC outlets, self-service terminals or through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking before making payments, or sign the agreement when you make payments. Once the agreement is signed, you can check the Easy Loan credit line at ICBC outlet, POS or through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking. The credit line is only for your reference, not the actual credit line granted to you by ICBC.
More functions of Easy Loan will be launched later. For further information, please visit ICBC outlets, call 95588, or login ICBC website (www.icbc.com.cn).

☆ Service Channel and Hours
1. Sign agreement: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, self-service terminal, bank counter (Wealth Management Center, VIP Wealth Management Center, Wealth Management outlet, financial kiosk);
2. Service channels: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, POS (ICBC);
3. Check credit line: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, self-service terminal, POS (ICBC), bank counter (Wealth Management Center, VIP Wealth Management Center, Wealth Management outlet, financial kiosk);
4. Repay in advance: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, bank counter (Wealth Management Center, VIP Wealth Management Center. Wealth Management outlet, financial kiosk).
Service hours at bank counter are the same as the office hours of ICBC outlets. Apply Easy Loan at POS while the merchants are open. Service is available round the clock through electronic banking and self-service devices. See ICBC announcement for more details.

☆ Type of Merchants
Merchants are online merchants partnered with ICBC (not through third-party platform), and merchants who have installed ICBC POS to accept payments by customers such as shopping malls, home furnishing marts, 4S shops, training organizations, travel agencies etc..

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.