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Personal Pledge Loan

☆ Overview
The personal pledge loan refers to the RMB loan secured with legal and effective pledge issued by ICBC to customers.

☆ Features
Diversified pledges: The pledge can be the bank deposit, bonds, wealth management products, fund, life insurance policy, account-based precious metals and others.
Different channels of application: The customer can apply for the personal pledge loan through Internet Banking or Mobile Banking.
Flexible limit of loan: The amount of single loan varies from RMB500 and RMB300,000. With one account, the customer can apply for loans up to RMB10 million.
Extensive range of loan period: The customer can select a loan period ranging from 8 days to 1 year.
Convenient operation: The loan procedures are simple and easy to go through. The customer can apply for loans wholly by themselves. The application will be reviewed and approved automatically so that the loan can enter the account of applicants in a timely manner.

☆ Requirements
1. The applicant must be a natural person with the capacity for civil conducts.
2. The loan must be used in accordance with the laws, regulations and relevant policies. A commitment shall be made that the loan will not be used for securities or futures purposes, real estate development, equity interest investment or obtaining illegal income.
3. Valid pledges recognized by the Bank shall be provided as collateral.
4. A personal settlement account shall be opened in ICBC.
5. The applicant shall have the ICBC Elite Club card and ICBC Money Link Card as registered card of e-banking provided with pledges without passbook (note or voucher) meeting relevant regulations.
6. The applicant shall have e-banking personal customer certificate or e-Password device of ICBC.
7. Other requirements set forth by the Bank.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.