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B Shares Securities Transfer

☆ Introduction
A service offered to real time transfer of F/X used in trading B Shares.

☆ Features
1. Money credited into account at real time for timely investment.
2. Strong Internet Banking functions for transfer of investment money, enquiry of stock balance or trading details. 

☆ Operation Guide
1. Operation flow at ICBC business office
(1) Select a Securities Company to assign a margin account number for B Shares.
(2) Withdraw at designated ICBC business office with your own ID Card and ICBC foreign currency passbook (certificate of deposit) or Peony International Card.
(3) Fill out "Mail Transfer Advice" to transfer investment money in foreign currency to B Shares margin account in Securities Company.
(4) Apply to Securities Company before withdrawing monies from B Shares margin account.

2. Operation Flow through Internet Banking

☆ Helpful Tips
Understand the following State policy rules before investment:
1. In according with Notice on Domestic Resident to invest in domestic listed Foreign Shares, from State Administration of Foreign Exchange, from June 1, 2001, domestic resident can use F/X deposit or cash desposit in foreign currency and F/X remitted-in to domestic commercial banks after Feb. 19, 2001 to trade B Shares, which excluding foreign currency cash. F/X deposit in Notice refers to  the F/X remitted from overseas or F/X bill brought into China re-deposited in domestic commercial bank.
2. No matter money in the bank account opened by investor for B Shares is drawn from cash account or F/X deposit account, all have to be  back to cash account or newly opened foreign currency cash account when transferring from B Shares margin account to personal deposit account.
3. Settlement currency is US dollars in Shanghai Exchange B Shares, and HK dollars in Shenzhen Exchange. If your foreign currency deposit is not the currency specified, please exchange the currency at designated ICBC business office before investment.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.