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"Smart F/X" Foreign Exchange Finance

☆ Introduction
An ICBC F/X finance product for personal customer offered under a series of structured products to which interest rate, exchange rate, credit, stock or commodity is linked.

☆ Features
1. Variety of products. ICBC "F/X Financing" includes major currencies in the world such as US dollar, HK dollar and Euro. Variety of new products from time to time can tailor to all customers of different risk preferences.
2. Principal is guaranteed, with a top return rate among all the domestic products, and interest is higher than fixed deposit of same term, with a flexible investment period.
3. Easy to buy, in cash or F/X.

☆ Main Varieties
1. Principal protected, and profit rate defined. Actual profit rate is confirmed in advance during subscription and further classified into two types:
(1) Fixed rate – rate is fixed through entire investment period.
(2) Incremental rate – rate is increased at each stage during the period.
2. Principal protected, and profit rate undefined. Investor's principal is guaranteed, but actual income is linked to some market indicators. Product structure and trend of reference indicator determine the actual return of the product.
(1) Interest rate linked, suitable for investors who understand the trend of interest rate and are willing to take more risks in order to get higher income.
(2) Exchange rate linked, suitable for investors who have certain knowledge and judgement on exchange rate trends.

☆ Service Channel
At all ICBC Finance Centers.

☆ Operation Guide
To invest in F/X wealth management product, bring along your valid identity document, F/X cash or ICBC passbook and go to designated ICBC outlet while the product in offer. Investment in F/X wealth management product involves risk. It is necessary for ICBC to keep investors informed on the product and disclose the risks. Investors are required to do a risk tolerance test. Hence, an investor has to make the investment in person, others cannot invest on behalf.

☆ Helpful Tips
1. "F/X Financing" uses real name. Details to see in State Council rules of real name system on personal deposit account.
2. Customer is taxed for the income earned.
3. More such type of products will be launched. Details can be found at ICBC website and notices announced at ICBC business office, or by calling 95588.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.