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Precious Metal
  Precious Metal Accumulation Plan  

Accumulation of Ruyi Gold

This is a service for customers to accumulate Ruyi gold bars at own choice or in regular periods once an account is opened in ICBC. Ruyi Gold accumulated can be redeemed in cash or drawn at ICBC in physical bars…[Detail]

Gold Accumulation Plan for Personal Account

"Gold Accumulation Plan" is a service for customers who open Gold Accumulation Plan accounts in ICBC and sign the accumulation agreement to buy ICBC gold asset equity in regular periods (monthly deduction in agreed amount) or at own choices. The equity can be…[Detail]

  Precious Metal Trading  

Precious Metal (Account)

A wealth management service launched by ICBC for customers to trade precious metal under account, including spot trade or placing order, via instructions sent through Internet Banking or Telephone Banking. Customers can also manage the account or check transactions. Investment categories include gold in RMB A/C, gold in USD A/C…[Detail]

Regular Investment on Precious Metal via Account

This is a service for personal customers to buy precious metal via ICBC account regularly within a certain period, according to the investment amount and quantity stated in the investment plan. The currency used for settlement can be RMB or USD. Precious metals bought for regular investment can be gold…[Detail]

  Gold Exchange Products  

Brokerage of Physical Precious Metals

The precious metals are spot contracts traded real time at the Shanghai Gold Exchange. The contracts handled by ICBC as broker for personal customers are Au100g, Au99.99 and Au99.95. ICBC makes quotes, settles the transactions and delivers physical precious metals according to customers' instructions. The transactions…[Detail]

Deferred Brokerage of Physical Precious Metals

A service for customers to trade gold under the margin according to the gold contracts traded on Shanghai Gold Exchange. Customers have the alternatives to settle on the trading day or at a later date. The deferred settlement service also has a deferred compensation charges (backwardation) to balance the supply and demand…[Detail]

  Finance & Wealth Management  

Loan Pledged under Precious Metal

A loan service where precious metal recognized by ICBC is used as pledge for the loan. Two types of pledges: good delivery precious metal of Shanghai Gold Exchange, and "Ruyi gold" – the physical gold issued by ICBC and can be sold back to ICBC…[Detail]

Precious Metal Wealth Management

A wealth management service for customers to directly buy precious metal and gain the return from the investment of precious metal in the market. The investment is simple, no need to have professional skills or look for investment channel, just join…[Detail]

Gold Repo

This is a service for investors to cash in physical gold at real-time price whenever necessary. Pure gold or any gold products bought via different service channels can be easily "turned into cash", provided the gold meets the related rules. The service is aimed to protect the investment value of gold for investors…[Detail]