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Personal Consolidated Bonus Point Service

☆ Introduction
Thank you for your unswerving support and trust in us. ICBC has launched a reward program for you to earn "Personal Consolidated Bonus Points" - consolidated bonus points earned by using debit card + credit card bonus points (excluding bonus points earned by using Centurion card and co-branded cards).

☆ Target Client
Holders of ICBC debit cards/credit cards (excluding Centurion card and co-branded credit cards, same below) are all welcomed to join the reward program.

☆ Features
1. One account, no need to apply. No need to apply for a bonus point account, only one account is used to earn bonus points across the country, just use your ICBC debit card or credit card to join the reward program.
2. Many redemption channels, easy to use. You can redeem your points for an exciting range of gifts or offers available. Many channels to redeem, at ""/offline merchants or use the points to offset some of the payment amount.
3. Bonus point account can be used to earn or redeem points in different areas.

☆ Rules for Earning Bonus Points
If the conditions are met, you will earn bonus points when you use ICBC debit card and credit card to make purchases (in RMB or foreign currency).
You will earn 1 point for every 1 Yuan you spend. Purchases in foreign currencies will be converted into RMB before calculating the points earned. The exchange rate to RMB shall be 1:6.5 for USD and 1:8 for EURO. If you use ICBC debit card, you can only earn bonus points when you make purchases at ICBC POS merchants.

☆ Point Redemption Channels
1. Redemption on "": When you shop at ICBC's designated merchants on, you can use your bonus points earned to offset certain amount to be paid.
2. Payment by bonus points: You can redeem designated goods, voucher or certain discount directly at designated merchants of ICBC with their POS by the points earned.

☆ Points Inquiry
You can find out the points you have earned and related details through the following channels: ICBC counters, Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, Self-Service Terminals and

☆ Validity Period
The validity period of personal consolidated bonus points is up to 5 years (in calender year) since the first date of accumulation. Bonus points earned before December 31 in current year are counted as bonus points earned in the first year, and can be redeemed before Dec 30 (inclusive) of the fifth year. All bonus points not redeemed after the validity period will be cleared to zero.

☆ Bonus Point Program Rules
Annex: Program Rules for ICBC Personal Consolidated Bonus Points (Chinese version)

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.