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Personal Banking
Personal Loan
ICBC Brand of Happy LoanEasy Loan
Personal Brand New Housing LoanPersonal Second-hand Housing Loan
Direct personal housing loan
Personal Housing Provident Fund (Portfolio) Loan
Personal Self-constructed Housing LoanFixed-Interest Personal Housing Loan
Fund Supervision Business of Second-hand Housing Transaction
Personal Private Car LoanPersonal Pledge Loan
Personal Credit Consumer LoanPersonal Credit Loan
Personal Student LoanPersonal Business Loan
Personal Business Loan of Small Amounts of MoneyPersonal Commercial Housing Loan
Personal Commercial Vehicle LoanPersonal Card-Loan Link
Personal Online Loan Link
Payment Method and ServiceChange and Adjustment to Loan Contract
Personal Entrusted LoanPersonal Home Improvement Loan
Personal Loan for Cultural SpendingPersonal Loan for Overseas Study
Investment and Financing
Smart Money planner"Rollover" Account ServicesPersonal Insurance
Precious Metal
"Forextrading" Personal Foreign Exchange TradingOpen-ended Funds
Defined Fund Investment PlanCertificate T-BondOTC Book-entry Bond Trading
Third Party DepositaryBank-Securities Account Transfer
B Shares Securities Transfer"Smart" Defined Fund Investment Plan
Crude Oil via AccountForeign Exchange via AccountFinancial Products
Convenient Banking
Remittance ExpressAuto-transferSelf-service Bill Payment
Bank-hospital ServiceTuition PaymentConsigned Payment Transfer
Safety BoxSpend on CardPersonal Settlement Account
Personal Jointly Account
Cross-border Financial Services
Service ProfileService GuideICBC Currency ExchangeA/C Opening Service
Personal Credibility LetterPersonal Loan for Overseas StudyVisa Application Service
Personal Foreign Exchange Flagship OutletsOverseas Financial Service
Current DepositLump Fixed DepositAll-in-one Current Account
All-in-one Fixed AccountRMB Installment Fixed Deposit
RMB Annuity Savings DepositRMB Renewal & Interest Payment Deposit
RMB Time-Demand DepositRMB Education DepositFixed-Current Link
Personal Call DepositPetty Account CancellationReport Loss and Password Reset
Personal E-banking Business
Personal Internet BankingPersonal Telephone Banking
Personal Mobile BankingAutomatic Teller Machine
ICBC Salary Manager
Service IntroductionPayroll AgencyService System
Featured Services of ICBC Branches
Star-rated Services for Personal Customers
Personal Consolidated Bonus Point Service
VIP Services

Corporate Banking
Corporate Deposit
Current DepositTime DepositForeign Exchange Deposit
Corporate Agreement DepositStructured Deposits
Corporate Call Deposit
Loan Financing
Working Capital Loan ServiceProject LoanDomestic Trade Financing Products
Real Estate Development LoansFixed Assets Support Financing
Merging and Acquiring LoansSpecial Financing Products
Financing Lease
Aircraft LeasingShip LeasingEquipment Leasing
Bill Business
Bill Discounting BusinessBill Re-Discounting
Bill Agency ServicesElectric Commercial Draft Discounting
Other ProductsElectric Commercial Draft Rediscounting
Settlement Service
IntroductionCorporate Settlement AccountDomestic Settlement
Agency ServicesCash Management
Global Cash ManagementCross-Border RMB SettlementAccolades
Cash Management CardAccount ManagerInternet Banking for Cash Management
Corporate Wealth Management
Precious MetalOTC Book-entry Bond Trading
Corporate Financial Products
Corporate E-banking
Bank-Enterprise InterlinkCorporate Internet Banking
Corporate Telephone Banking
Investment Banking
Investment and Financing Consultancy
Perennial Financial Advisory Service
Corporate Information ServiceEquity financingDomestic M&A
Cross-Border M&AInvestment Banking Research Service
Innovative Investment Banking Services
Financial Restructuring Advisory ServiceDebt Financing Advisory Service
Agency M&A and Investment Services
Assets Custody Business
OverviewCustody Services for Securities Investment Fund
Asset Management Services for Specific Customers of Fund Management Companies
Custody Services for Corporate Annuity Fund
Custody Service for Pension Insurance Fund (Personal Account)
Custody Services for Insurance Assets
Custody Service for Private Equity Investment Fund
Custody Service for QDIICustody Service for QFII
Fund Outsourcing Service
Securities Investment Fund Custody Service for Securities Companies
Custody Service for Corporate Annuity Pension Products
Custody Service for RQFIICustody Services for Anxin Account
Custody Service for Wealth Management Products of Commercial Banks
Custody Services for Collective Asset Management Scheme (Securities Company)
Custody Service for National Social Security Fund
Client-Specific Asset Custody Business for Securities Companies
Custody Service for QFLPESCROW Services
Custody Service for Occupational Annuity Fund
Custody Service for Private Equity Securities Investment Fund
Custody Service for Asset Management Plan of Futures Companies
Custody Service for BillsSafekeeping of Trust Assets
Services for Custody Assets' Investment in Wealth Management Products
Investment Custody Business of Overseas Institutions in the Inter-Bank Market
Custody Service for QDLP
Institutional Banking
Service ProfileBank-Securities CooperationBank-Futures Cooperation
Bank-Insurance CooperationInter-bank Cooperation
Government Organization ServiceFinancial market
Corporate Annuity Service
Trusteeship Management ServiceAccount Management Service
Trusteeship ServicesAnnuity AdvisorService Advantages
Comprehensive Pension Security Service
Small Business Finance
Business ProfileUnique Finance ProductsSettlement Service for Small Enterprise
Bank CardE-BankingInvestment Banking Advisory Services
Corporate Annuity ServicesUnique Solution
More Services
Trust Agency BusinessEntrusted LoanBusiness Card Service
General Entrusted Loan
Financial market
Underwriting/IssuanceCorporate Risk ManagementProducts & Services
Bond Trading and Settlementoverview
Internet Finance
Easy Finance LinkOnline Loan LinkCorporate Customer Online Unsecured Loan
Online Merchandise Mart Financee-Supply Chain Finance

Personal E-banking Service
Banking@HomeAccount ManagementRemittance ServiceWealth Management
Payment ServiceCredit Card ServiceSecurity Service
Corporate E-banking Service
Banking@HomeAccount ManagementSettlement ServiceCredit Business
Wealth ManagementE-commerceSecurity Service
Download Software
Download Software

Bank Card
Origin of Peony CardHonors of Peony CardFive New Services
Cards World
Credit CardExclusive Service for EnterpriseCo-brand CardDebit Card
Theme Card
Card Services
Payment by Credit Card in Installments through SMSICBC Credit Card E-Statement
Verified by Visa ServicesLimited Hours Card Issuing Services
Credit Card SMS BankingPeony Credit Card VIP ServicesGlobaleshop
Active Amount Adjustment Services for General Edition Credit Card
Loss-reporting Services & POS Consumption GuideShort Message Reminding service
Credit Card Instalments
Apply for Credit Card Online
Online Application
Important Notices
Peony Card Important NoticePrecautions for Card Use Outside China
Peony Card Frequently Asked Questions
Peony Card Q&A

International Banking
The Brand
The Brand
Services Mart
Flow of Import Services MartFlow of Export Services Mart
International Settlement
Export Letter of CreditExport Documentary CollectionTraveler's Cheque
Import Letter of CreditConsultancy - ExportConsultancy - Import
Import CollectionInternational RemittancesTime Letter of Credit (Buyer)
Trade Financing
Export Bill Purchase /Discount
Finance for Cost of Freight and Insurance for International Trade
Shipping Guarantee/Bill of Lading EndorsementExport Invoice Credit
Payment against ImportAdvance Against Import Document
Export Purchase Order CreditL/C ConfirmationImport Factoring
Export FactoringForfaitingImport bill purchasePacking Loan
Short-term Export Credit Insurance Facility (Credit Insurance Facility)
Import T/T Credit Facility
International Financing
Re-loan Financing of Foreign Government Loan
Re-loan Financing of International Financial Institution Loan
Re-loan Financing of Import Buyer Credit
Re-loan Financing of International Commercial Loan
Overseas Debt IssueExport Buyer CreditingExport Seller Crediting
Overseas Resources Development Projects Financing
Overseas Loan under Domestic Guarantee
FX Guarantee
Payment GuaranteeDeferred Payment Guarantee
Advance Payment GuaranteeBid GuaranteePerformance Guarantee
Quality/Maintenance GuaranteeGuarantee Advising
Tax Payment Guarantee
Commercial Package
Cross-border ExpressTrade and Wealth ExpressRemittance Financing Express
Export Jieyi ExpressGlobal Engineering ExpressRemittance Express
Full Trade ExpressImport Jieyi ExpressMoney and Wealth Express
Foreign Capital Construction Express
Overseas Branches
Overseas Branches
Featured Product
Trade All-the-WayRemittance Collection in Trade FinanceCombined Payment
Corporate Group International Settlement and Trade Finance Solution
Foreign Offices LinkTrade & MoneyRemittance Payment Link
TT Facility for Import Fuel OilFast Import MoneyFast Export Money
Invoice-Money LinkSecure Remittance LinkGlobal Project Link
Cross-Border Link
Security Deposit Ledger for Processing Trade
Security Deposit Ledger for Processing Trade


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Financial Information
Foreign Exchange Rates
RMB Exchange Spot Rates
RMB DepositLoan Rate
RMB Deposit RateRMB Loan RateRMB Loan Prime Rate
Foreign Exchange DepositLoan Rate
Foreign Exchange Deposit Interest Rate
Foreign Exchange Loan Interest Rate
Financial Calculators
Government Bond Financial CalculatorCorporate Financial Calculator
Foreign Currency Loan CalculatorForeign Currency Savings Calculator
Personal Housing Loan CalculatorPersonal Loan Calculator
NAV of Funds
NAV of Funds
Hong Kong Market Information
Hong Kong Market Information

ICBC Bill Price Index

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Donation
Guide to Online Donation
Guide to Online Donation
Guide to Mobile Phone Donation
Guide to Mobile Phone Donation


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