Products and Services

    The business of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Indonesia) Co. Ltd. mainly includes: deposits business (Indonesian rupiah demand and time deposits, the dollar demand and time deposits, certificates of deposit balances, etc.), loans business (Indonesian rupiah and dollar liquidity loans, project loans, real estate loans, trade financing, housing loans, personal consumption loans , etc.), international settlements, remittances, letters of credit, tax settlements, bank bonds, overseas pays, personal pre-remittances of foreign exchange, settlements and trading of foreign exchange, the domestic and international cards agency, valet financial and derivative products, etc.

I. Corporation Business

   1. Deposits Business

    Bank ICBC Indonesia could open accounts for various corporations and provide demand and time deposits for rupiah and dollar. Any local companies or Chinese corporations could open exchange settlement accounts by related registration certificate.

   2. Loans Business

    Bank ICBC Indonesia could provide various financing services, including liquidity loans, project loans, real estate loans, syndicated loans, export credit, notes business, all types of trade financing, bond business.

   3. Remittances Business

    Outward Remittances: With the most advanced and reliable global settlement system, Bank ICBC Indonesia could transmit the remittance data automatically into local remittance banks or agent banks according to the orders, which makes your remittances fast and secure.

    Inward Remittances: Through the agent banks network all over the word, Bank ICBC Indonesia could deposit the remittances by various channels from all over the world into your account at ICBC, or you can come to ICBC to receive the remittances in person, which makes your remittances fast and secure.

   4. International Settlements and Financing Business

    Import Settlements Business: mainly including opening letter of credit, under which the acceptance, payment, dishonor and delivery guarantee. Agent import collection means that informing the payer come to ICBC to transact payment or acceptance within one workday after the acceptance of the commission notes of foreign banks.

    Export Settlements Business: mainly including LC notification, review under LC, recorded fund under LC, collection and enquires; Documentary Collection, Clean Collection and exchange acceptance.

    International Trading and Financing Business: Bank ICBC Indonesia transacts financing business under the trade settlement such as imports trade, packing loans, export trade and discount.

    Guarantee Business: Bank ICBC Indonesia could transact letter of guarantee notification business, opening, reissuing or confirming the letter of guarantee.

II.Investment Banking

    Bank ICBC Indonesia could provide various investment banking consulting services, including syndicated loans, structured financing, project financing, asset restructuring, acquisition and merger, financial consultation, information consultation, etc.

    With the huge networks and great customer group at China mainland, through the understanding of Chinese society and business regulations, Bank ICBC Indonesia could help Indonesian customers who intend to develop investment and trade in China to plan and implement programs such as early information gathering and communicating, investment feasibility studies, investment projects and partners searching, negotiations assistance, government and regulatory bodies communication and approval. Bank ICBC Indonesia would provide to its Indonesian customers with all kinds of investment banking and consulting services for their business in China, or with a basket of service solutions for their special business or needs in China.

    With the geographic advantages in Indonesia and the understanding of local environment, law and business regulations, through its own customers and business networks, based on the fact that ICBC is a traditional commercial bank with a variety of business and advanced technologies, Bank ICBC Indonesia could provide comprehensive investment banking services to the Chinese customers who intend to develop resource purchase, market exploration or technology services for their investment, purchase, merger and restructure in the Indonesian market.

III. Personal Financial Services

   1. Deposit Services:

    (1) Savings Deposit: savings deposit of Indonesia rupiah and dollar.

    (2) Settlement Deposit: providing exchange settlement accounts for Indonesia rupiah and dollar, which facilitate the settlement.

    (3) Time Deposit: providing time deposit for Indonesia rupiah and dollar with low deposit amount, flexible deposit time and favorable interest. Term of time deposits: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

    (4) Call Deposit: providing call deposit of 3-14 days for Indonesia rupiah and dollar, with automatic transfer at term.

   2. Remittance Services:

    With its strong electronic collection and transfer networks and various oversea agent banks, Bank ICBC Indonesia could provide convenient remittance services to customers.

    (1) Personal Advanced Exchange Settlement Remittance Business:

    RMB Advanced Exchange Settlement Remittance: a new variety of remittance business launched by Indonesia branch and Chinese mainland branches altogether. When the sender sends a sum of foreign fund, Bank ICBC Indonesia would remit the same amount of RMB converted by the listed exchange rate to the recipient, so that the risk of RMB exchange rate is locked up in advance. The customer who transacts this business should provide the ID card number of the domestic recipient, and the single remittance amounts to no more than 50 thousands dollars. Indonesia rupiah and dollar are acceptable.

    (2) Other Remittance Business:

    Bank ICBC Indonesia could provide remittance services for Indonesia rupiah and dollar. The applicant should provide accurate account number, name and open bank of the recipient.

   3. Foreign Exchange

    Bank ICBC Indonesia could provide foreign exchange business for dollar and other currencies. Customers who need to transact such business need to produce valid documents.

   4. Bank Card Services

    Bank ICBC Indonesia could provide agent service to issue the international debit card for branches of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. You could have a domestic account without going to China in person. The debit card could be used inside and outside the boarder, settled by double currency of RMB and dollar, with functions of consumption, transfer settlement, withdrawal and deposit.