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How to register Personal Internet Banking? How long does it take?

You can apply for registering and opening the ICBC Personal Internet Banking in the following three ways:

(1) Self-help registration: you can fill in the relevant personal information online and conduct self-help registration. Your Internet Banking services will be opened immediately after the completion self-help registration. However, outward account transfer and other special services need to be applied for over the counter at ICBC business office.

(2) Register over the counter: Every ICBC business office provides registration service. You should have an ICBC Peony Card and fill in the application form. It is recommended to apply E-banking Code Card or USB-Shield (Personal Customer Certificate) to enjoy the secure E-banking services.

(3) Personal financing zone registration: any Elite Club account client can go to the personal financing zone in any ICBC business office to register and begin to enjoy the Internet Banking services immediately after completing the procedure.