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Announcement on E-banking System Upgrade
Dear Customers:

For the purpose of providing more abundant and convenient services to you, ICBC will upgrade the E-banking system on October 24, 2010, and launch diversified products and services such as corporate internet banking refinement project, letter of guarantee of corporate internet banking, advanced account management function optimization of corporate internet banking, global account management of personal internet banking, loans and wealth management of mobile banking (WAP) and telephone banking refinement project (please click here for details). During upgrading, relevant systems including internet banking, telephone banking, mobile banking (WAP) and mobile banking (SMS) and some columns of the portal website will be suspended. The specific time arranges are as follows:
Corporate internet banking, Bank-Enterprise interlink, personal internet banking, telephone banking, mobile banking (WAP) and mobile banking (SMS) will suspend from 2:00 to 8:00 on October 24.

We are sorry for the inconvenience brought to you.
It is hereby announced.


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
October 20, 2010


E-banking System UpgradeMajor Functions Added and Optimized

Corporate internet banking refinement project. This version will refine some transaction process of corporate internet banking, provide new transaction page links based on the original one for the customers and issue new customer-end batch tool software, so that customers can freely switch between the new and old transaction pages. New transaction page further promotes the accessibility and user-friendliness of corporate internet banking, so the customer would acquire better user experience.
Letter of guarantee (L/G) of corporate internet banking. Corporate internet banking adds the column of letter of guarantee, providing such functions as inquiry, application and management for internal and external L/G. Customers can apply through L/G online to reduce the numbers of going to counter and handle the business more conveniently. The business is applicable to the corporate customers with credit qualification in the Bank, and the first phase will be piloted in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.
Advanced account management function optimization of corporate internet banking. Customers activating the advanced account management function of corporate internet banking can summarize the amounts of collection and allocation transactions level by level and account by account according to debit and credit. Additionally, it increases the functions, including self-service inquiry of corporate customers, modifying the collecting and payment control on collection and allocation accounts, and self-service triggering collection and allocation.
Global account management of personal internet banking. USB Shield customers of personal internet banking may mutually link their own accounts opened with overseas institutions of ICBC and domestic internet banking to inquire account balance and total assets, conduct transfer between the domestic and overseas registered accounts and achieve unified management on domestic and overseas accounts. The first phase of the business will be piloted in Shenzhen and Macao.
Loans and wealth management of mobile banking (WAP). Mobile banking (WAP) adds and achieves such functions as wealth management, personal pledge loans, remitting into overseas VISA card, credit card customized reconciliation statement and signing entrusted withholding agreement by B2C.
Telephone banking refinement project. This version optimizes the telephone banking voice menu and related functions, for instance, it cancels the voice layer of “for Chinese press 1, for English press 2”, english service is adjusted to first layer menu “for English press 0”; “manual service” is brought forward to the second place of first layer menu; “Smart F/X” is changed into “Forex trading” and it merges into “deposits and wealth management” menu with third-party custody, funds business, gold and precious metals business, time deposits and call deposit business, and customers can enter through “for self-service press 1→for deposits and wealth management press 5”. This optimization further enhances the convenience and user-friendliness of telephone banking and customers will get better user experience. For new voice menu, please refer to the following map.