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Taobao Moneylink Card

☆ Introduction
Taobao Moneylink Card is a co-branded Moneylink debit card jointly sponsored by ICBC, and Alipay Company. Taobao Moneylink Card is a CUP-standard magnetic-stripe debit card.

☆ Target Client
Online merchants, online users and individual customers who need to pay online.

☆ Functions
The Taobao Moneylink Card has all the functions of Moneylink card as well as Alipay-Card- Link. Alipay-Card-Link is a function for customers to bind Taobao Moneylink Card to the Alipay A/C. When a customer makes B2C or C2C payment online via Alipay, amount will be automatically deducted from his/her Taobao Moneylink Card account to the Alipay A/C.
1. Auto registration. If the customer has not registered Alipay A/C when applying for Taobao Moneylink Card, the Alipay Company will automatically register a Alipay A/C using the mobile number given by the customer. (A/C name is the customer's mobile No.)
2. Synchronized authentication. When applying for Taobao Moneylink Card, the authentication is carried out at the same time to check the customer's real name of the Alipay account. Once authenticated, ICBC will sign the Alipay-Card-Link service agreement with the customer.
3. Convenient payment. When using Taobao Moneylink Card to make payment under Alipay-Card-Link, just enter the Alipay A/C's payment password.
4. Real-time cash withdrawal. Via Alipay-Card-Link, amount in the Alipay A/C can be transferred back to the Taobao Moneylink Card account in real-time. (Follow the rules of Alipay Company to draw cash from the Alipay A/C to the Taobao Moneylink Card A/C)
5. Flexible customization. Depending on their own practices and risk tolerance, holders of Taobao Moneylink Card can set or change at ICBC counter, the limits via Alipay-Card-Link for one transfer or transfers in a day, within the limit allowed by ICBC. According to current ICBC rules of transfer via Alipay-Card-Link, both the limit for one transfer and daily limit are RMB 5,000.
6. Timely alert. Cardholders are entitled to one year of ICBC Messenging services free of charge. The alerts are for cardholders to check the balance in Taobao Moneylink card anytime to ensure the safety of the transfer.
7. No worry on payment. Register ICBC Internet Banking when collecting the Taobao Moneylink Card. This will allow you to make payment for online shopping over the limit (over the transaction limit of Alipay-Card-Link).
8. Online application. Just apply via ICBC web portal and Internet Banking, fill in the application details online, and then collect the Taobao Moneylink Card at the ICBC outlet. (Online application services)
9. Exclusive discount. Cardholders are welcomed to join promotions organized by ICBC,, Alipay Company and enjoy the preferential services offered.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.