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General Deposit Account

I. Definition
General deposit account means a bank settlement account opened in any banking institution other than primary deposit account opening bank to meet the needs for loans or other settlements.

II. Product Introduction
General deposit account is a supplementary settlement account of the depositor, through which the depositor may redeposit or repay the loan and handle other fund collection and payment, and cash deposit. But cash withdrawal is prohibited. There is no restriction on the number of such accounts to be opened.

III. Target Client
Units or organizations in need of borrowing and other settlement service.

IV. Application Condition
Anyone that applies for opening a general deposit account should provide ICBC with the documentary evidence required for the depositor to open a primary deposit account, primary deposit account opening approval and the following documents:
1. The depositor that opens a general deposit account to meet the needs of borrowing from the bank should present the loan contract.

2. The depositor that opens a general deposit account to meet other settlement needs should present the evidence concerned.