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Residential Development Loan

I. Description
Residential property development loan refers to the loan that the Bank issues to the borrower to finance construction of residential properties and supportive facilities.

II. Qualifications
i. The borrower shall meet the following conditions:
1.Corporate legal person approved by and registered with the industry & commerce administration;
2.Having clearly established ownership, sound corporate governance structure, normative operation management and sound financial conditions;
3.Having opened a basic deposit account or a general deposit account with the Bank; creditworthy and able to repay lending principal and interest on schedule; and
4.Meeting the Bank’s requirements on paid-up capital, real estate development qualifications etc.
ii. The project financed with loan shall meet the following conditions:
1. Having been included in the national or local construction development plan, and the project initiation or registration documents are legal, integral, authentic and valid;
2. Having obtained the Certificate of State-Owned Land Use Right, Construction Land Planning Permit, Construction Works Planning Permit, and Construction Works Building Permit; and
3. Capital fund of project etc. meet the Bank’s pertinent requirements.

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details. ICBC reserves the final right of interpretation.