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Investment Banking Research Service

Service Content
By integrating research with advisory and combining report service with direct service, the Research Center of Investment Banking Department at the Head Office of ICBC strives to provide clients with targeted and quality investment banking research service. Currently, there are over 30 thousand corporate clients receiving the service.

Since it was established in 2008, the Research Center has offered its clients 28 kinds of research reports in 4 categories, totally more than 2100 articles (issues), or nearly 18 million words. These products cover many key areas (sectors) including macroeconomy, stock markets, bond markets, foreign exchange markets, wealth management, private equity, funds, financial sector, real estate, coal, power, iron and steel, transportation, automobile, commerce and retail sales, food and drinks, and leading companies in these sectors. Currently, clients can either receive and read latest research reports or look up previous reports already released via the "Financial Advisory" at ICBC's website.

In addition to the above, the Research Center of Investment Banking Department can also provide customized value-added research services based on the personalized needs of clients, including holding regional forum for high-end clients, professional forum on investment banking, training sessions for clients on special subjects, and providing special advisory services on capital markets, macroeconomic policies, sectoral development, etc.

Targets of Investment Banking Research Service
They are mainly investment banking clients of ICBC.

Introduction to Investment Banking Research Team
The first investment banking analyst team in the banking sector in China, the Research Center of Investment Banking Department of ICBC now has 37 investment banking analysts. The young, vigorous and professional research team consists of analysts from business community, academic community, research institutions, domestic and foreign-funded financial institutions. They are 32-year old on average, and more than 80% hold Master's degree or above, many of whom have studied or worked overseas. With a high theoretic level, most of the analysts boast strong background in industry research and rich working experience. They have also accepted multiple interviews with well-known media, and written articles for famous magazines and newspapers in a number of professional fields, which has been well-received.

Contact Person at the Head Office
Bai Xue  Tel:010-66105066    Wu Kai  Tel:010-66105034