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Are there any fees occurred for Deferred Settlement of Personal Physical Silver Ag (T+D)?
In the process of dealing with Deferred Settlement of Personal Physical Silver, the following expenses could be occurred: 1) commission fees: 0.08 percent of turnover will be charged, including 0.02 percent for gold exchange commissions, and 0.06 percent for banking terminal. Clearing and unwinding positions are free of charge. For any changes, please refer to the updated announcement of the ICBC. 2) expenses for deferral: This part of expense will be charged on a daily basis. In case of public holidays, the rate of 2/10,000 determined one trading session ahead of public holidays will be charged in advance. Other expenses chargeable include overdue fee and default penalty. The aforementioned information is only for your reference. The ICBC will make changes accordingly if the rules of the Shanghai Gold Exchange were revised.