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ICBC Launches Military Service Upgrade Plan

On the eve of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, ICBC launched “Go with Army” military service upgrade plan featuring priority, quality, preferential services to better meet the financial service needs of military customers. It will comprehensively enhance financial services to the troops.

“Go with Army” military service upgrade plan includes exclusive military services, exclusive product offers and exclusive activities. The exclusive military services refer to ICBC’s exclusive service system for military, featuring integrated online and offline services and all-time response. It comprises three initiatives, including “Go with Army” military service sector on mobile banking, benchmark services in thousands of core outlets, military priority in all outlets. It shows priority and courtesy to the military, and highlights the military’s sense of honor and pride.
The exclusive product offers focus on several areas, such as investment and wealth management, financing and settlement fee relief, and service upgrade. It includes a series of exclusive products and services, such as “Yong Jun Bao” deposit, “Great Wall Series” wealth management, themed precious metals, insurance exclusive to the military, ICBC e-Loan to the military, consumer credit loans, “China Army Soul Credit Card” inter-bank fee relief for military security card, and service upgrade. It satisfies the military’s financial needs in deposit, investment and financing, as well as settlement.
The exclusive activities are a series of themed activities such as greetings, rewards, and joint establishment of dual evaluation by the military and ICBC to meet the military’s needs in daily finance and life, expressing ICBC’s cordial greetings and respect to the army through various exclusive activities.

An official with ICBC said that “Go with Army” military service upgrade plan is a major initiative of ICBC that cares deeply for national defense and military buildup and serves troops and soldiers. ICBC will take implementation of all the service initiatives as an opportunity to create a high-quality, normalized and long-term military service mechanism, and win recognition and satisfaction from the soldiers.