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ICBC MSE Financial Service Platform -- A Great Help for MSEs

To improve inclusive financial services, ICBC has tailored the ICBC MSE financial service platform based on the operation model of micro and small enterprises (MSEs) to provide one-stop online integrated financial services to them. Since 2018, the platform has served nearly 700,000 MSEs, among whom 430,000 MSEs has opened corporate settlement accounts within 30 minutes respectively.

According to an official of ICBC, ICBC MSE financial service platform deepens the integration of internet finance and inclusive finance from multiple dimensions such as products, scenarios and channels, and comprehensively integrates the functions of “convenient account opening, public-private linkage, finance management, wealth management and financing, and MSE e-Management” meeting the operation demands of MSEs, to provide one-stop financial services. Customers only need to log in ICBC Corporate Mobile Banking to access the platform. Taking convenient account opening as an example, ICBC has launched a convenient account opening mode of “online reservation and offline signing” through financial technologies such as big data, cloud computing and face recognition. In this way, customers only need to go to the outlet once to complete account opening and basic business within 30 minutes. At the same time, customers can also choose their favorite accounts, basic settlement products and account opening outlets, which significantly enhances the customer experience.

In addition, ICBC MSE financial service platform also provides a number of online financing products, including the credit-based “business quick loan”, the mortgage and pledge-based “net loan”, the “online pledge-based loan” and the “financing product pledged with the assets in the online bill pool”. The “business quick loan”, with low threshold and being purely credit-based, is an exclusive financing tool for MSEs. They don’t need to offer mortgage guarantee, and the Bank actively credits the loan based on big data, and offers online processing, which can be finished in as fast as a second. The “net loan” evaluates the value of collateral by establishing a nation-wide collateral database. Customers can get loans online with just one click, and can borrow and repay at any time. The “online pledge-based loan” and the “financing product pledged with the assets in the online bill pool” support the pledge financing of time deposits, capital-preservation wealth management and bills of enterprises. The whole process is processed online, which can facilitate customers to obtain funds online in time.