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ICBC Mobile Banking Registers Nearly 100 Million Annual Active Users

With an accelerated promotion of e-ICBC smart banking strategy, ICBC Mobile Banking, by virtue of such advantages as convenient, professional, intelligent and cost-effective, has increasingly attracted more customers. Statistical data showed that, by the end of October 2017, ICBC Mobile Banking registered up to nearly 300 million users, with its monthly active users exceeding 40 million, and annual active users reaching nearly 100 million, all ranking first among the banking industry. Meanwhile, half of ICBC customers use ICBC Mobile Banking services, and one in every three transactions are handled on mobile terminals.

An ICBC official introduced that, ICBC has quickened its pace of internet-based finance innovation in recent years, and promoted the transformation of innovative services into a platform-based and scenario-based eco-system, providing diversified and smart mobile financial services with high-efficiency and convenience for its customers, and achieving rapid growth with respect to customer scale, active user size and user loyalty. Specifically, centering on the basic demands of users, by employing a host of technologies related to AI, big data, diversified scenarios, etc., ICBC strives to provide its customers with the best experiences regarding transfer, remittance, settlement, investment and wealth management. Moreover, by focusing on inclusive finance, the Bank is committed to offering preferential, convenient and professional financial services to its customers. For example, customers can enjoy preferential offers such as domestic transfer and remittance without service charge via ICBC Mobile Banking. Discounts on service charge and spreads are all available for customers using ICBC Mobile Banking to purchase fund products, account-based precious metals and other products, to carry out forex settlement and sales, etc. Furthermore, centering on green finance, by offering preferential services and various financial scenario applications, ICBC encourages and guides its customers to use low-carbon financial services, successfully reducing the usage of paper and other consumables. It is estimated that, the annual transactions through ICBC Mobile Banking can reduce the carbon emission by 255,000 tons, equivalent to planting 14.25 million trees.