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ICBC Named Best Bank in China

Euromoney magazine has recently revealed the list of “Best Banks” in 2017. ICBC has been named the “Best Bank in China” for its outstanding performance in areas such as assets quality, internationalized operation and internet finance innovation. This is the ninth year for ICBC to win the award.

According to Euromoney magazine, ICBC’s award of “Best Bank in China” is mainly attributed to three reasons. First of all, despite challenges from external environment, ICBC has drawn on approaches such as adjusting credit structure and enhancing risk control with big data technology, and gradually achieved stable assets quality. Secondly, ICBC has actively supported the Belt and Road Initiative. As of the end of the first quarter in 2017, ICBC has established 127 affiliated institutions in 18 countries and territories along the Belt and Road, and issued loans of RMB 67 billion to support 212 projects in the region according to principles of market, commercialization and sustainability. Thirdly, ICBC has deepened e-ICBC internet finance development strategy. ICBC has built ICBC Mobile (open online banking platform), ICBC Mall (e-commerce platform) and ICBC Link (instant messaging platform), forming a complete internet finance framework integrating financial service, e-commerce and socializing.

Euromoney magazine has launched the award of best banks since 1992. Every year, one best bank is awarded at levels of world, emerging markets, continent and country. The award of best banks has been consecutively held for more than 20 years.