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ICBC Officially Launches Innovative Culture

On April 28, ICBC held an innovative culture press conference in Beijing and officially launched the core ideas of innovative culture: “focus on the core, reform accordingly, coordinate for innovation, keep vitality forever” to provide more solid strategic support for the development and innovation of ICBC in the new era. Previously, ICBC had successively published three sub-cultures, namely, anti-corruption, compliance and service. The official publication of innovative culture also marked the completion of ICBC’s corporate culture system.

An ICBC official said that the above mentioned innovative culture ideas were rooted in the value of the Group -“Integrity Leads to Prosperity”, and embody the integration of historical inheritance and innovation of the times and concentrate the essence and characteristics of the innovative culture of ICBC. Among them, “focus on the core” indicates that as a big state-owned bank, ICBC has always been regarding serving the real economy as the starting point and foothold of innovation to realize the positive interaction and mutual prosperity with the real economy. “Reform accordingly” shows that ICBC, given the new pattern of market competition and the new stage of its development, would be market- and customer-oriented, and strive to control the commanding point and the initiative of innovative development by means of accelerating innovation and breaking dilemma and finding out new paths. “Coordinate for innovation” suggests that ICBC would give full play to the innovation force of the whole Bank, build a more flexible and dynamic organization and operation system, and develop innovative product service systems with more market impact and influence in key areas of smart bank, integration of investment and financing and “1+N” marketing service mechanism, etc. “Keep vitality forever” voices that ICBC would become stronger, better and last longer via innovation, and make great efforts to build itself into a long-lasting bank with firm foundation.