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ICBC Strives to Root out Poverty through Targeted Education

It is learned that Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) has been investing in the targeted field of educational poverty alleviation in recent years, in line with the concept of “helping the poor by improving their education first”. By a number of projects such as student scholarship, employment support, commendation and training of village teachers, sponsorship for the construction of school buildings and other co-building and assistance projects, ICBC has helped improving the educational poverty alleviation level in an all-round manner. Specifically, it has funded nearly RMB22 million in the four targeted counties for poverty alleviation in Sichuan Province, i.e. Tongjiang, Nanjiang, Wanyuan and Jinyang during the past three years. Besides, ICBC has conducted a variety of education-based services in response to the local poverty-stricken population, so as to effectively enhance the inherent strength in local community to help them get out of the straitened situation.

In terms of aiding the underprivileged students, ICBC has carried out the “Sailing Project – Supporting Outstanding Disadvantaged College Students” for 14 years in a row, supporting university freshmen at the standard of RMB5,000 per person. So far, it has cumulatively helped 2,882 students to complete their college studies. For 7 consecutive years, it has carried out the “New Great Wall - ICBC Endeavor Class” project, providing a full ride package for students from senior high school up until college graduation.

In terms of employment support, ICBC has started the targeted recruitment programs for underprivileged students since October 2016. It will provide job opportunities for 1,000 impoverished college students in five years and train them with the knowledge and expertise that is specially needed in their local counties, and encourage them to contribute what they have learnt into the developing of their hometown. Up until now, the project has recruited more than 340 college students nationwide, lifted their families out of poverty by following the rule of “one job helps a whole family better off” and ultimately promoted the long-term development of local economy and society.

As for supporting village teachers, ICBC has carried on the “Candlelight Program – Commendation of Outstanding Village Teachers” for 15 straight years, honoring and financing a total of 2,410 teachers. Meanwhile, to broaden the horizons of village teachers and upgrade teaching standards in poverty-stricken areas, ICBC has also carried out the “Candlelight Program - Training of Excellent Village Teachers” for four consecutive years, creating learning and exchange opportunities for 1,250 village teachers.

In addition, ICBC has continued to promote the “Sunshine Campus” project. Up to now, it has sponsored to build up 17 Hope Primary Schools, 12 primary and secondary school dormitories and teaching buildings as well as 67 “Love Kitchens” in the above-mentioned four targeted counties. The Bank has called on all of its staff to participate in the poverty alleviation efforts, hosted a wide range of activities, such as working together to do good, one-to-one assistance, caring lunches, donating books and sneakers, so as to mobilize a team of helpful volunteers to work wholeheartedly to fight against poverty, and sent out warmth and strength to those under water.