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ICBC Wins the Élan Award, the “Oscar” in the Global Card Manufacturing Industry

Recently, the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) announced the élan Award winner for 2018. The “Best Secure Payment Card” went to ICBC Cosmos Constellation Credit Card due to the unique design concept and innovative techniques, and the Card was the only product that won this award from China’s banking industry this year. As the top award in the field of card manufacturing, the élan Award embodies the recognition of the ICMA on the design and techniques of the credit card industry in China. The cards involved in the élan Award selection this time were recommended jointly by ICBC and Giesecke & Devrient (China) Information Technology Corporation Limited.

An official from the ICBC Peony Card Center said that the Cosmos Constellation Credit Card was the bank’s first credit card product specially targeted at young customer group. Favored by youngsters upon its introduction, the Card has been issued by more than 7 million so far. The opinions of the young customers on the designs and techniques were extensively solicited to make the Card special and original. Minimalist design idea is used in displaying the 12 constellations, leaving only the simplest star trail picture consisting of dots and lines. The card numbers are also directly printed on the back of the Card to improve the artistic expression of the entire Card, the first such attempt among domestic peers. Featuring the latest card manufacturing technique, the Card has every star-shine polished and contrasted by black frosted texture, and novel popular elements favored by youngsters, including using red, black and some others as the base colors. These designs contribute to both the quality and artistic value of the Card.

It is known that the ICMA élan Award honors the highest achievements in the 6 fields of card designs, techniques and technologies, etc. in the global card manufacturing industry. Also known as “the Oscar for the card manufacturing industry”, it is selected by top experts worldwide on a yearly basis.