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Get 10% off on Japanese online shopping website WOAH! JAPAN by using ICBC JCB credit card

From today to January 31, 2018


The overseas online shopping website WOAH! JAPAN directly sells unique Japanese items, including centuries-old traditional craft items, popular snacks & food, finely detailed miscellaneous goods, high quality cosmetics, etc. It offers a line-up of brand items selected with good taste.


I.Applicable dates
From today to January 31, 2018


II.Target customers
Cardholders of ICBC JCB credit card issued in Chinese mainland


III.Special offer
Customers shopping on WOAH! JAPAN website can get 10% off, after they enter a promotion code given to cardholders of ICBC JCB credit card and pay with ICBC JCB credit card.

WOAH! JAPAN official website: http://www.woahjapan.com/gb/


IV.Participation method
Cardholders register with and log in WOAH! JAPAN website to shop online. After selecting items, JCB cardholders enter exclusive promotion code in the bar on the cart page, and the system will show the price off 10%. Cardholders confirm the payment amount and complete payment with ICBC JCB credit card.

JCB cardholders’ exclusive promotion code: BLA27903


V.Do’s and don’ts
1.The right to participate in the special offer and access the promotion code cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to the third party.
2.Discounts can only be given when JCB promotion code is entered and JCB network channel is chosen for payment.
3.The promotion code can only be used on WOAH! JAPAN website, and cannot be used in combination with other promotion activities held on WOAH! JAPAN website at the same period, nor can it be used together with other promotion code. The special offer is not applicable to some of the items. If there are taxes or service charges outside the scope of the special offer, please refer to WOAH! JAPAN website for details.
4.Discounts cannot be given if wrong promotion code is entered.
5.The special offer requires first registering with and logging in WOAH! JAPAN website. After entering promotion code, please confirm whether discounts are given before payment.
6.Mailing services are not available in some countries and regions. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please enquire and confirm details on WOAH! JAPAN official website.


VI.Activity instructions
1.The above special offer is provided by an international organization. The content and rules of the special offer are just for reference. Please refer to the store or the international organization for the actual information. The special offer shall be subject to the specific terms of the stores. Please refer to the stores’ instructions for details.
2.The ICBC credit card only serves as a payment and settlement tool that customers use in stores. If there are consumption disputes during the process when you apply rights and interests, please communicate with the stores to solve the disputes. ICBC will not assume any liabilities.
3.The special offer can be enjoyed by the cardholders of the ICBC credit cards with the corresponding brand of the card organization, who will not enjoy some of the offer until they have completed the payment through the card organization clearing network.
4.Cardholders will lose the qualification to participate in the activity provided that they are involved in fraud, cash-out, late payment, frozen card, payment stopping, card confiscation or account cancellation, or have other outstanding ICBC debt, or violated/are suspected to have violated laws, regulations, the Articles of Association of ICBC Peony Credit Card, the Using Agreement of ICBC Peony Credit Card, rules for this activity or other relevant provisions, and ICBC reserves the right to take corresponding legal measures.
5.ICBC and card issuers and stores providing the special offer are entitled to modify terms and rules, and change or terminate the offer, to the extent permitted by laws and regulations.