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Offer of “Love Kid” Cards

June 1 - August 31, 2018

I. Time
June 1 - August 31, 2018
II. Target
Love Kid cardholders (including customers who apply for the card during the period of offer)
III. Activity Details
i. Special offer for Love Kid cardholders
During the period of the offer, Love Kid cardholders can acquire one-to-one free trial class worth RMB200, VIPKID online English course worth RMB688 and family tourism gift package worth RMB100 through “Love Kid Card” of ICBC e-Campus. In addition, they are also entitled to preferential prices of Maitao children science course, Qiloo smart positioning shoes and Yong Dong piano lesson.
ii. Offer for purchase of precious metals themed “child’s heart ”
During the period of offer, Love Kid cardholders are entitled to one set of “four silver Zootopia Cartoon badges” if they buy 3g lucky silver balls via ICBC-Mall at ICBC Jinhangjia Flagship Store. The product authorized by Disney is very popular among kids. Offers are only available for payment via Love Kid cards.
iii. Selected insurance products in return for customers
During the period of the offer, if families of Love Kid cardholders buy overseas medical insurance products of ICBC e-Life for particular diseases, they are entitled to the featured value-added services and have the chance to win a RMB200 prize. Prizes are only for cardholder families that have successfully purchased the insurance. One kid is entitled to one prize.
iv. Gift for new ICBC-Mall customers
During the period of the offer, Love Kid cardholders can get monthly video membership cards and other electronic coupons by scanning Mashangying QR card, downloading and registering ICBC-Mall APP. Electronic coupons will be sent to customers’ e-Mall accounts within ten working days. When login the e-Mall APP for the first time during the day, cardholders are entitled to a lucky draw. Prizes include ICBC-Mall iPhoneX dedicated coupon of RMB7788, ICBC-Mall general coupon of RMB100, ICBC-Mall dedicated coupon of RMB50, ICBC-Mall dedicated coupon of RMB20, ICBC-Mall general coupon of RMB2, etc.