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RMB66 Cash Rebate For Consumption of New Customers

From May 20, 2017 to September 30, 2017 (card issue date)


I. Period of Offer
From May 20, 2017 to September 30, 2017 (card issue date)


II. Offer Description
During the period of offer, customers who are successfully granted the first credit card by ICBC has the chance of getting RMB66 cash rebate if the card is activated and used to make three payments, each no less than RMB66, within 60 days after the card issue is approved.
Each customer is only entitled to one cash rebate. Only the first 200,000 eligible customers may enjoy the cash rebate each month. A total of 800,000 opportunities of cash rebate will be provided, in which 200,000 opportunities are for card issued from May 20 to June 30 and 200,000 opportunities are for cards issued in July, August and September each.


III. Applicable Products
Only new customers of the following three types of product are entitled to cash rebate: UnionPay-Visa "1+1" product, UnionPay-MasterCard "1+1" product, UnionPay single-logo product.


IV. Rules of Offer
1. “New customers” refer to customers whose first ICBC credit card is issued during the period of offer. The date when the card issue is approved is the card issue date, which is as registered in ICBC system as the successful account-opening date. The customer will receive a message in case of successful card issuance.
2. The 60 days after card issue for card activation and three payments refer to 60 natural days. The date of payment of each transaction is the book-keeping date registered in ICBC settlement system.
3. ICBC will collect relevant information to prepare for the list of eligible cardholders every month from July and then make cash rebate to such cardholders, in which case a message of successful cash rebate will be sent to customers from 95588. Cardholders cancelling the credit card before ICBC's preparation of eligible customers of last month cannot enjoy the offer, in which case such cardholders cannot ask for compensation in any form from ICBC.
4. Customers losing the eligibility for cash rebate due to goods return, reversal or cancellation cannot enjoy the cash rebate, in which case ICBC reserves the right to take back cash rebate granted to such customers.
5. If customers are found to be engaged in obtaining cash rebate illegally by taking advantage of the rules of offer, ICBC reserves the right to cancel their eligibility for the cash rebate offer.
6. Any dispute over the cash rebate offer, if any, shall be presented to ICBC within 90 natural days after the offer is terminated. Otherwise, such dispute will not be accepted.
7. To the extent permitted by the law, ICBC is entitled to modify the terms and conditions and rules of the offer or change or terminate the offer, which shall take effect once announced on the official website of ICBC.