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Refer Now, Rewards Now

From September 11, 2017 to December 31, 2017


From September 11, 2017 to December 31, 2017, customers who refer relatives and friends without ICBC credit cards to successfully apply for designated ICBC credit card within the promo period can receive surprising rewards as follows:
RMB20 Cash Coupon from ICBC Mall merchants after one referee successfully applies for an ICBC credit card;
RMB150 Reward Cash after five referees successfully apply for ICBC credit cards;
RMB1,000 Reward Cash after thirty referees successfully apply for ICBC credit cards;
RMB4,999 Reward Cash after 150 referees successfully apply for ICBC credit cards.
Limited rewards on a first-come-first-served basis.


1. “Successful referral of a new customer” refers to referees who have never had any ICBC credit cards and whose first designated ICBC credit cards are successfully issued during the period of offer. The issuing date is subject to the successful account-opening date registered in the ICBC system.
2. Referrers need to access the designated promo page to get your exclusive QR Code and invitation link. Referees can access the application page by scanning or clicking the Referrers’ QR Code to apply for credit cards. Customers can also follow our WeChat Official Account--“icbccards”, select the “Fan Benefits” at the bottom and click the “Refer Now, Rewards Now” menu to enter the promo page.
3. During the offering period, rewards can only be claimed once by a referrer. Only the highest reward among those at each level claimable can be received by referrers. There are unlimited RMB20 cash coupons from “ICBC Mall” merchants, 12,560 rewards available for RMB150 cash rebate, 900 for RMB1,000 cash rebate and 450 for RMB4,999 cash rebate.
4. Please input the ICBC credit card number of the referrer to generate a QR Code. If a referrer doesn’t possess an ICBC credit card, debit card number is also advisable. After the promotion, cash rebate will be credited directly to the card account which generates the QR Code. Please make sure you have input the right card number and the card is in its normal status. Failure of cash rebate receipt on the part of the customers will be regarded as a waiver. If you have an account manager, you can also input the 11-digit identification number of the manager. Neither the identification number of account manager nor the merchant’s code is required.
5. RMB20 ICBC Mall cash coupons are eCoupons provided by Pinke Jihe Food Shop. For specific terms such as scope of application and instructions, please refer to Pinke Jihe Food Shop on ICBC Mall. After the promo, Coupon codes will be sent through text message via 95588 to the referrer’s reserved phone number linked to the ICBC card account generating the QR Code. If a referrer needs to add or change the reserved phone number, please go to ICBC outlets. Failure to receive the reward message on the part of the cardholder would be regarded as a waiver.
6. If any personal income tax should be imposed on the rewards concerned, ICBC will withhold such tax payment. ICBC will not charge any fees in whatsoever forms for claiming the reward. Please be aware of fraud.
7. Cardholders will be disqualified from participating in the activity provided that they are involved in fraud, cash-out, overdue payment, frozen card, payment stopping, card confiscation, account cancellation, the cardholders having unpaid debts to ICBC, having or suspected of having illegal behaviors, or violating ICBC Peony Credit Card Regulations, Peony Credit Card Application Agreement or the Activity Rules or other relevant provisions. ICBC reserves the right to take corresponding legal measures.
8. Within the limits permitted by laws and regulations, ICBC is entitled to modify terms and rules, and suspend or terminate the offer, which will take effect immediately once being announced on its official website.