Personal Telephone Banking

ICBC Personal Telephone Banking provides quality, efficient banking services through a combination of self-service voice system and call-center representatives. By simply dial 95588(mainland China), 21895588( Hong Kong), customers can enjoy various ICBC professional banking services such as account enquiry, transfer, bill payment, forex trading, gold trading, online B2C payment, inter-city roaming and service consultancy.

Features & Advantages      Application Procedures     How to use      Notices

I. Features & Advantages
1. Powerful functions, easy operation
ICBC Telephone Banking provide you with various services including account enquiry, transfer and remittance, self-service bill payment, real-time forex trading, order forex trading, stock trading, fund trading, bond trading, gold trading, online B2C payment, service enquiry, complaints and loss report, inter-city roaming, financial information, product introduction, service by ICBC. ICBC Telephone Banking service is a personalized all-round service close to you. Customers only need to dial 95588 and press buttons according to the voice prompts to complete the transactions fast and conveniently.

2. Time saving, convenient, minimal fee
Customers can apply for Telephone Banking service either by registering over the phone or at the local ICBC Business Offices. Many ordinary banking businesses can be done over phone instead of at business office now, which will save you a lot time. Telecom Company only charge a local phone bill regardless of where you dial ICBC Telephone Banking service hotline 95588 (or 21895588). ICBC will not collect any further phone charges.

3. Wide Coverage, flexible and convenient
Telephone Banking is not restricted to time and place. It provides services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is a reliable bank close to customers. Inter-city roaming and Hong Kong roaming services enable you manage your account affairs timely when you travel to other cities.

4. One Number, safe and reliable
Service number of ICBC Telephone Banking in all Mainland cities and provinces is 95588, easy to remember and use. Further, ICBC adopts advanced integrated technologies in computer and phone as well as in communication encryption, which makes banking services more secure and reliable.

II. Application Procedures
Customers applied for Telephone Banking should have a deposit account opened in ICBC. Customers can register Telephone Banking over phone to enjoy services such as account enquiry, bill payment, financial information enquiry, loss report and ICBC staff services. For more Telephone Banking services, please go to an ICBC Business Offices to apply.

1. Registered at ICBC Business Office
Applicants should go to an ICBC Business Office to apply and fill in Registration Application Form, along with the Deposit Account Passbook, Peony Credit Card, Peony Money Link Card corresponding to the Registration Card Number and Registration Account in the Form, and valid ID of himself.

2. Self-service Registration over phone

III. How to use
1. Dial 95588 and follow the voice prompts to conduct business:

2. Self-help Modify Password
Customer can regularly change the Telephone Banking Password by himself to increase the security of using Telephone Banking services. Steps as follows:

3. Set Customer No.
Registered customer of ICBC Telephone Banking can set 8-digit Customer No by himself. With customer No., whenever enter menu of "Personal Customer", customer can simply input the Customer No, instead of multi-digit card number or account number. It is easy to remember and to operate. Operation Procedures are as follows:

4. Self-help Service Cancellation

IV. Notices
1. Please read carefully the ICBC e-Banking Personal Customer Service Agreement overleaf before filling in the Telephone Banking Application Form at ICBC Counter. Customers who register over phone can check the details by dialing 95588.

2. To register Telephone Banking over phone, you need to use ICBC card opened with his ID Card. If you want to register with an ICBC card opened with temporary ID Card, Residence Book, please register the Telephone Banking at an ICBC business office.

3. Customers should keep Telephone Banking Password highly confidential to avoid any monetary loss in case of password disclosure.

4. Customers should go to ICBC Business Offices to complete relevant formalities in case he/she loses the Telephone Banking Password or changes registration information.

5. Customers should dial some arbitrary number every time after using the phone to prevent any person to get your personal details through the phone you have used.

6. Customers has to apply at ICBC Business Offices for services such as transfer, fund trading, Stock trading, Forex trading, gold trading, online B2C payment.

7. Customers No. will be automatically invalid if not used for consecutive 6 months.

8. Self-service bill payment over Telephone Banking offered by ICBC branches is different according to office location. Please dial local 95558 for details. Hot line 95588
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