I. Features of Global Transfer
Advanced system & safe funds transfer
High speed remittance & timely arrival account
Global network covering & diversified service channels
Product innovation & service value-addition

II. Product Functions of "Global Transfer"
  1. Remittance Service
    1) Transfer-out, transfer-in and re-transfer service
    2) Inquiry and reply service
    3) Check sheet information service
    4) Pre-exchange remittance service (the service is only provided for personal customers. Overseas organization providing eth service remits funds to domestic organizations to realize remitter overseas foreign exchange remittance and beneficiary Renminbi collection in the country. Exchange rate is subject to the one on the remitting day to avoid exchange rate risk)
  2. Funds Gather & Transfer Service
  3. Payment Instruction Processing Service.The service is provided for customers signing special agreement with ICBC. According to received SWIFT text meeting agreement format, ICBC can complete payment requirements for domestic ICBC branch account.
  4. Agency Inter-bank Settlement Service.
  5. Agency Inter-bank Remittance & Settlement Service.Inter-bank customers can expand ICBC transfer and remittance service scope by using ICBC network resources at home and overseas agency bank resources.

III. Advantages of "Global Transfer"

  1. Great Strength & Credit Guarantee
  ICBC is the largest commercial bank in China and among World 500 Top Enterprises. With business organization covering the whole world, ICBC has nearly 20000 domestic business offices, more than 100 overseas branches and more than 1000 overseas agency banks. Network of overseas agency banks covers more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. Relying on excellent and great strength, ICBC has become one of the most influential banks with the highest credit rating and is successively awarded "Chinese the Best Bank" by British Bankers and American Global Finance.
  2. First-class Service & Advanced Technology.ICBC has numerous professionals with contribution spirit and good business quality, effectively operated and advanced electronized network, taking lead to realize uniform centralization and real-time process of national business data. Daily processing volume exceeds 100 million transactions with high degree automation and advanced service level and technological ability in the industry.
  3. Safe and Efficient & Reasonably Charged.
  With extensive service channels and effective business processing system including business offices and e-banking, etc., and safety and encryption technology and improved risk monitoring mechanism meeting international standards, ICBC "Global Transfer" product can provide customers with safe, efficient and reasonably-charged funds transfer service. Funds transfer and settlement speed reaches advanced level in the industry.

IV. Remittance Guide

  1. Remit-out
  Processing remit-out business, you need provide supporting materials meeting national foreign exchange policy and correctly complete "Foreign Exchange Business Trust Deed" as required (in English for overseas remittance):

  • Remittance current and amount (both in figure and in word);
  • Name and address of the beneficiary;
  • Account number of the beneficiary;
  • Name and address of the settlement bank (If SWIFT CODE or overseas settlement code of currencies are provided, the overseas remittance can be reached faster)
  • Signature and seals and provide name, ID card number, address and telephone number of the remitter so as to contact you in time.

      2. Remit-in
      When you need to receive foreign exchange remittance, please provide correct information as follows to the remitter to save time and re-transfer fees of remittance arrival.
  • Name of the beneficiary;
  • ICBC account number of the beneficiary;
  • Address and telephone number of the beneficiary (so that we can inform you in time when the remittance is arrived).
      Notes: Our bank provides the above remittance and settlement service only on condition that the trusted business meets policies and regulations of local financial, foreign exchange regulatory authorities.
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