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Linking Policy:
1. Link from this website to the websites beyond ICBC: in some cases, this website will provide the link of jump into other web pages or websites of Internet. This link will lead you into the websites issued or operated by any third party who is not partner of ICBC or has any relation with ICBC. It is only used for assisting users for their browse and reference purposes to list the link into this website by ICBC. ICBC makes great efforts to select websites and data sources with good reputation for the convenience of users.
However, unless ICBC has specifically declared the partnership with the third party, the link to the website or web page of the third party shall not be deemed that ICBC has agreed, recommended, accepted, guaranteed or promoted any service and products provided by the third party or the website of the third party, not shall it be deemed that ICBC has any forms of cooperation with the third party and its website.
If the linked website contains software for download, the link is only for the convenience of your use. ICBC will not bear any responsibility for any difficulty or problem arising from your download of the software, or any impact caused hereof. Be sure to remember that the use of any software downloaded from Internet may probably be subject to the control and restriction of copyright clauses, and ICBC will not bear any responsibility for any possible infringement of the intellectual property of the software developer resulted from your failure to observe the articles of agreement of the copyright.
When you click certain link, you will leave this website and enter another website, and you must observe the articles of use of the relevant website.

2. Link from this website to other websites of ICBC: this website also contains the link to other websites of ICBC for the convenience of your use. The products and service provided by the websites are only provided for the use of the people who are personally located in or whose residences belong to the area of judicial control. The other websites of ICBC will respectively their own clauses of use that may probably be different from each other. So first of all, you should carefully examine the applicable clauses of use before you use the relevant websites.

3. Link from other websites to this website: if you want to establish a link to this website at the website of any third party in any form, you should firstly obtain the written consent of ICBC. ICBC will be entitled to determine whether this link is approved or not. Generally speaking, ICBC will only permit the establishment of link purely shown in the name of ICBC, and only in exceptional cases the enterprise logo, enterprise name and trademark of ICBC can be permitted for use or display in the link, and ICBC will determine with full authority whether the fee is to paid and how much the fee is for the use of enterprise logo, enterprise name and trademark of ICBC.
ICBC will not bear the responsibility for establishment and setting of any link from website of the third party to this website. And the link established on this basis shall not constitute the cooperation of any form between ICBC and the website of the third party, nor shall it constitute the acknowledgement and endorsement of the website of the third party. Any link leading users to this website is subject to initiative and direct link to this website, and can only directly access to the home page or first page of this website; the link shall not dispose all web pages or contents of this website in the way of frameset, nor shall it directly access to inside pages of this website.
ICBC will not bear any responsibility for any losses or damage resulted from or caused by the link and to be born or incurred by you or the third party. For any link established under the approval by ICBC and in the format of pure characters or in any form, ICBC reserves the right to withdraw the approval at any time, and to request eliminating any link to this website.