Corporate Culture


Build a first-class and modern financial enterprise in Hong Kong with good competitiveness by adhering to the principles of “delivering excellence, sticking to our founding mission, customers’ favourite, leading in innovation, security and prudence, and people-oriented”


Excellence for You - “Excellence services to customers”, “Maximum returns to shareholders”, “Real success for our people”, “Caring and socially responsible and great contribution to society”


Integrity Culture: Open and transparent, Fair and impartial, Choosing the good over the bad, No compromise on anti-corruption, Self-disciplined and disciplining others, Equal importance to honesty and diligence
Compliance Culture: Value-added and proactive compliance, All accountable and everyone responsible, Group compliance adapt with local requirements, Risk principle and prudent operations
Risk Culture: Prudence, Compliance, Check and balance, Open and effective communication
Service Culture: Customer centric, Satisfactory service, Valuing employee and persistent integrity
Innovation Culture: Focusing on principal business, Discarding the old and collaboratively establishing the new to maintain eternal vitality


“Integrity Leads to Prosperity” is the core value behind ICBC’s long-term development - thus serving as a common belief, as guidance for conduct, and as an ideological foundation for all ICBC people. It comprises the five basic value orientations of: Integrity, Prudence, Innovation, and Excellence. It is the combination of these values that constitute the core of ICBC (Asia)’s corporate culture.

Integrity encompasses honesty, credibility and upright and forms the foundation of our business. With this in mind, we pledge ourselves fully to our duties, our customers, our company and to society. We champion the truth, we observe compliance, and we provide our services conscientiously, while always keeping our word. We act with fairness and sincerity and build long-term, total customer relationship based on satisfaction and trust. We are committed to maintaining good corporate governance with emphasis on accountability. We seek to fulfill our social responsibilities and be responsible and valuable member of society and the most reliable bank of our customers based on sound ethics and integrity.

The core value of humanity means that we rely on, respect, and bring success to people. Putting people first involves satisfying our customers by providing professional and customized products and taking a customer-centric approach in all our business and service activities with value-add services and means that we make the best use of our people by helping them realize their potential, encouraging them to innovate, and rewarding their contribution. It also means building harmonious relationships between managers and their staff - and between staff and their customers - so that ICBC (Asia), its staff and its customers can achieve growth together.

Prudence represents stability, rationality, moderation, order, soundness and security. Prudence means securing a safe and stable value orientation, setting a sound and sustainable growth strategy, and advocating highly law-abiding and compliant operational principles and a pragmatic and moderate management approach. Such an attitude helps ICBC (Asia) to seek a balance between risk and profit, while also unifying targets and procedure. ICBC (Asia) proceeds towards comprehensive, balanced and sustainable growth by highly emphasizing risk control and absolute integrity.

Innovation refers to the furthering or creation of value by optimizing resource allocation and integration. Innovation requires us to strengthen innovation of products, technology, services and management to ensure that our products and services are unique and superior to others, while stressing independent innovation and setting industrial standards that reflect our competitive edge.

Excellence tells of ICBC (Asia)’s uncompromising pursuit of superior quality. Pursuit of superior quality is the responsibility of all departments and employees, and we are committed to continuous quality improvement to meet customers’ expectations. Excellence not only represents a continuation of the ICBC slogan “By your side, as your trust”, but is also part of ICBC (Asia)’s ongoing commitment to meet market demand, create value and scale new heights.