Cross-border Cash Management Services

Our Cross-border Cash Management Services provide you with the consolidated services including the Global Account Management, Payment and Receivable Management, Liquidity Management, Risk Control and Investment and Wealth Management. We provide full support to your overseas business operations and fulfill your requirements regarding the cross-border, cross-banks funds concentration management, and reduce the cash flow risk with cross-border operations.

We offer a Global integrated system and internet banking services which allow the local and foreign currency unity, local and overseas unity, and support multi-branches, multi-currencies, multi-languages and multi-time zone. Simply through the single point of access, you can enjoy the one-stop convenient financial services with our Global Cash Management Services with ease.

Account Enquiry & Fund Transfer of Global Accounts

Corporate clients can access to their global account on a single integrated internet banking platform, which can enquire the account balance & transaction history and operate the global account for fund transfer & remittance.


  • Centralised Treasury Management – Ideal for companies whose management team or financial officers are based in one location. Clients can access their cross-boarder accounts for account enquiries and fund transfer on a single integrated user friendly internet banking platform, which can satisfy yours needs on cross-boarder and integrated account and fund management.
  • Timely and Efficient – The account history and fund movement of ICBC and ICBC(Asia) can be enquired on a single integrated internet banking platform.

Cash Pooling Service

We offer a comprehensive liquidity management services, which can solve your needs to manage your funds collectively, the funds maintained with all members of a Group company can be gathered under a cash pool. The service provided includes Cross-Border FCY Cash Pooling Service and RMB Pooling Service.


  • Funds can be arranged and adjusted centrally, achieving better use of internal funds, lowering the reliability on the external funds, and reaching the goals of corporate cash management.
  • Designed for the Multi-national Enterprise, supporting the corporation to collect and allocate RMB funds among the non-financial subsidiaries effectively, helping achieve the goals of centralized global funds management and efficient operations.

Please consult your Relationship Manager for further information.