ICBC Asia provides a full range of trade products which are fitting into our customer’s import and export business. With those tailor-made trade solutions, we are exerting our utmost to give full supports to our clients’ business prosperity while mitigating the trade-related risks.

ICBC Asia trade finance solutions cover from the realm of Letter of Credit , collection to open accounts. In the meantime, we also provide different treasury products which are of help for our clients to well manage the risks arising from foreign exchange and interest rate volatility.

ICBC Asia would like to share with you our professional and experienced trade service team. With the support from the ICBC group both in China mainland and around the world, we are confident to work in partnership with our clients by providing the gamut of cross-border trade liaison products and services.

Import Trade Finance Products

  • Documentary Credit Issuance (including Back-to-Back L/C& Standby L/C)
  • Shipping Guarantee
  • Import Collection
  • Trust Receipt
  • Import Invoice Financing

Export Trade Finance Products

  • L/C Advising
  • L/C Confirmation
  • Transferable L/C
  • Negotiation of export documents under documentary L/C
  • Packing Loan
  • Purchase of export DA / DP documents
  • Export Collection under documentary credit and DA /DP
  • Export Invoice Financing

Diamond Trade Finance

ICBC Asia has a special Diamond Section which provides professional diamond trade services and specialized facilities, such as diamond loans against purchase invoices, the arrangement of securities for "Gold Loan" facilities, and the guaranteeing of A.T.A. Carnets, etc.