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Corporate Accounts


Service Introduction

To meet the daily settlement needs of corporate clients conducting business in New Zealand, we provide a range of corporate accounts and payment services to facilitate convenient fund transfers.


Key Features

Currently, our corporate accounts support worldwide payments in six major currencies: New Zealand Dollars (NZD), Australian Dollars (AUD), US Dollars (USD), Offshore Chinese Renminbi (CNH), Euros (EUR), and Hong Kong Dollars (HKD). In addition, we offer favorable account fees to local businesses by not charging monthly management fees on our Corporate Current Account and currently have no minimum balance requirements (until further notice).


Deposit Rates

Our Corporate Current Account is non-interest bearing. If your business would like to earn deposit interest, we also offer Corporate Saving Account services. Please contact our Corporate & Institutional Banking Department for rates, terms and conditions.


Account Opening Guide

For New Zealand registered limited liability companies, the following documents are required when applying to open a corporate account with us:

  1. Completed account application form;

  2. Corporate registration documents, including company constitution (if any), director and ownership information;

  3. Original copy of identification and proof of physical address from the following individuals:

  • company directors,

  • shareholders who, directly or indirectly, hold more than 25% aggregate shareholdings,

  • ultimate beneficial owners,

  • actual controlling person,

  • nominee directors (if any),

  • nominee shareholders (if any), and

  • all authorized account signatories who have not been covered in the above categories;

        4.   Proof of shareholding structure and a shareholding structure chart signed and confirmed by the company's directors, and the companys corporate governance structure;

        5.   Documents describing the scope of business activities, organizational structure, and the purpose of opening the account;

        6.   Corporate tax number and withholding tax rate. If the company uses a non-standard withholding tax rate or is exempt from withholding tax, relevant supporting documents must also be provided;

        7.    Proof of source of funds and audited financial statements or financial statements prepared by qualified chartered accountants.


Our team will review your application and be in contact in case any additional information is required.


We also offer account services to partnerships, cooperatives, and government agencies. Please contact our Corporate & Institutional Banking Department for detailed information.


Friendly Reminder

Please ensure that the submitted corporate and related personal information matches the publicly available information from the New Zealand Companies Office.

Before submitting an account application, please carefully read the terms and conditions and fee details posted on ICBC New Zealand's website. These details are updated from time to time. Please click here to read or contact us to obtain the latest information.


Contact Information

Corporate & Institutional Banking Department

Email Address:


Queen Street Branch

Phone: 0064 9 374 7266

Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Closed on weekends and public holidays)



The content on this page is for reference only. Specific products or service are subject to ICBC New Zealand's terms and conditions. Please consult our Corporate & Institutional Banking Department or Queen Street Branch before applying.