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“Corruption” means: An abuse of power that involves obtaining unlawful benefits for oneself or others, including embezzling, cheating, requesting or obtaining, introducing, promising or sponsoring with any form of monetary or other benefits, both directly and indirectly, to any person, public organization, private organization or responsible persons for the purpose that such persons would act or neglect to act which, in turn, will lead to the gain or maintenance of inappropriate and unlawful business benefits.

Scope of Enforcement and Harmonization of Laws
The Anti-Corruption Policy shall apply to the Directors, Management, all staff of the Bank, Subsidiary, Business Representative and Partner. The objective of Anti-Corruption Policy is to ensure that the Bank conducts its business with transparency, integrity, good corporate governance and in line with the laws and regulatory requirements. Accordingly, the Bank has determined the responsibilities and appropriate guidelines to prevent corruption in all units of the Bank.
•Message from Chairman
•Anti-Corruption Policy
Reporting Fraud and Corruption
The Whistleblower or the person affected from the refusal to take part in Fraud or Corruption employee can report to the head of division or the head of internal audit department or drop into the complaint box in front of the Internal Audit Department or the other channels:
•E-mail : corruptionreport@th.icbc.com.cn
•Letter to the Chairman of the Board of Directors or the Chief Executive Officer or the Audit Committee : The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thai) Public Company Limited
622 Emporium Tower Fl. L,11th – 13th, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
•Tel 02-629-5588

Scope of Enforcement and Harmonization of Laws

Directive No.56/2016 Anti-Corruption Policy(2019-02-26)
Declaration of Intention on Anti -Corruption Policy(2016-08-11)
Directive No.32/2016 Anti-Corruption Measure for Human Resource Management(2016-08-11)
Directive No.31/2016 Whistleblowing Procedure(2016-08-11)
Directive No.30/2016 Procedure for the Giving and Accepting of Gifts, Gratuities, Entertainment or Other Benefits(2016-08-11)
Directive No.25/2016 Anti-Corruption Measure(2016-08-11)

Corruption Report 
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thai) Public Company Limited
622 Emporium Tower L,11th – 13th Fl., Sukhumvit Rd., Khlong Ton, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Tel. 02-663-9999
E-mail : corruptionreport@th.icbc.com.cn