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Message from Chairman on Sustainability
Dear All Shareholders and Valued Customers,

        Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thai) Public Company Limited aims to be a financial institution that is a part of the mechanism driving the economy of the country and a responsible organization thus the Bank has established the Sustainable Banking Policy and Responsible Financing Policy that focus on operating its business with respect for the environment, society and governance for the best interest of the stakeholders as well as mitigating various risks which will strengthen the Bank’s financial position and ultimately the Thai financial institution system.
        In 2021, most countries around the world still had to face a tremendous challenge from the spread of COVID-19 affecting the economies, societies and daily lives of people across the globe. ICBC (Thai) Group recognized these difficulties thus initiated many adjustments to its management and operations so that it would be able to continue operations at maximum efficiency amid the ever changing situation. ICBC (Thai) Group strives to offer the best services to its customers and during this difficult period it places importance on assisting all stakeholder groups.
        The ICBC (Thai) Group treats its customers with fairness and equality using technology and innovation to improve the provision of financial products and services to its customers as well as strictly protecting the customers’ personal data. In addition, the ICBC (Thai) Group supports the COVID-19 financial assistance measure in order to lessen the burdens of customers who were affected by the pandemic through the payment holiday program and other relaxation measures.
        Furthermore, ICBC (Thai) Group recognizes the importance of the increasing environmental problem thus promotes the provision of green financing.
        ICBC (Thai) Group believes that its staff are an integral part of its organization, therefore, ICBC (Thai) Group takes good care of its staff, arranges for regular staff development training, provides welfare/work balance for the betterment of their lives so that ICBC (Thai) Group would be an pleasant place of work.
        Moreover, the ICBC (Thai) Group recognizes the importance of being a responsible financial service provider thus it regularly promotes basic financial knowledge to the public in order for the Thai people to have financial discipline. ICBC (Thai) Group is confident that the aforementioned activities will create mutual benefits between ICBC (Thai) Group and its stakeholders as well as the Thai public at large and ultimately will help promote economic and social developments in the long term which is the aim sustainable development so that people can live together in harmony.

Mr. Yimin Hu
Chairman of the Board of Directors