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Android Banking

I. Introduction
Android Banking represents mobile banking services available through Android apps. Once you login mobile banking and Android apps, you can enjoy all the financial services in ICBC Android Banking. Android Banking is convenient, easy to apply, with rich functions, safe and reliable. Main details are as below:
(I) Self-service Registration
To register ICBC Mobile Banking, enter your bank card (account) and personal particulars. Once registered, you can check account or buy financial products. (You can also go to ICBC outlet to register Mobile Banking, open functions for external transfer/online payment, and apply for an authentication medium.)
(II) Manage A/C
Use the function to look up account balance or details, add/delete registration A/C, report lost account, set default A/C for mobile banking.
(III) Transfer/Remittance
A group of functions for you to transfer money between registration accounts, transfer/remit money to ICBC accounts or accounts of other banks, bind mobile number, receive money through E-mail, view transfers/remittances, manage payees, buy remittance packages.
(IV) Bill Payment
Functions for bill payment, "My bill payments", enquiry on bill payments, signing autopay agreement.
(V) Fund
Use the function to buy funds, defined fund investment plan and management, check the fund shares held on hand.
(VI) Precious Metal
Functions for trading precious metals (account), trading physical precious metals and/or for deferred settlement, conversion of precious metals (account).
(VII) ICBC Messenging
Use the function to subscribe balance change alert for your registration account.
(VIII) Schedule cash withdrawal
Functions for you to arrange a date for cash withdrawal and check the schedule. At "Schedule cash withdrawal", enter the amount, schedule code, mobile No., and choose an account, then use your authentication medium to sign the schedule. Once successfully scheduled, ICBC sends a SMS with the random password to your mobile phone. You can use the details (mobile No., schedule code, random password) to draw cash at ATM without using your bank card.
(IX) Outlet Locator (Contact ICBC)
No need to register, just login Mobile Banking to check the location of the nearest ICBC outlet or ATM. You can also call or send SMS to ICBC for further information on more ICBC financial services.
(X) ICBC Wealth Management
ICBC wealth management includes wealth management services and financial products. "Wealth management services" are services for customers to sign, check and manage Super Express Investment wealth management agreement and T+0 wealth management agreement. "Financial products" are functions for customers to buy, redeem, cancel financial products, as well as checking the products held on hand and transaction details.
(XI) Fixed Deposit
Functions for depositing money as fixed deposit and enquiry.
(XII) Call Deposit
A function for transferring the amount of the current savings sub-A/C in ICBC Elite Club Card or Moneylink Card as the call deposit, and checking the related details.
(XIII) Bank-Futures transfer
A mobile service for futures investor ("investor") to transfer money in real time between the settlement accounts in ICBC matched with the margin A/C in futures company. Futures company makes necessary real-time adjustment on the balance of the investor's A/C in the futures company according to the changes in its margin A/C. The purpose is to offer convenient settlement of futures transactions.
(XIV) Currency Exchange
A function for you to use counter-registered card to exchange foreign currency within the limit, or check the currency exchange details online.
(XV) Insurance Service
Services for you to buy insurance products, view or change the insurance bought, cancel insurance contract for the insurance bought on the day and look up transaction details.
(XVI) Bank-Hospital Services
Functions for you to use Android phone to sign service agreement via Reservation Service, make medical appointments, cancel medical appointments, check medical appointments, keep track medical treatment records and look up details.
(XVII) T-bond
A line up of functions for the purchase and enquiry of savings T-bond (certificate) and book-entry T-bond.
Functions available for savings T-bond (certificate) are information enquiry, buying, payment, and enquiry on the balance. Functions available for book-entry T-bond include details checking, opening of custody A/C, buying, selling, enquiry on transaction balance and details.
(XVIII) Foreign Exchange
Functions for checking real-time exchange rates, trend charts and setting own choice of exchange rate. Also functions for spot deal or placing orders (including profit-making, stop-loss, two-way, additional), enquiry on account balance and trading details.
(XIX) Credit Card
Functions for credit card holders to check the balance in credit card, bonus points and transactions, repay RMB overdraft, FX overdraft in own ICBC credit card. Also included is the function of making repayment to credit card by installment.
(XX) Service and Setting
This is a group of functions: manage transaction permission, change logon password, change payment password, set reserved verification information, synchronize ICBC e-password device, site inbox mail, register electronic banking, pay mobile banking service fee, my star rating and recommended product, manage Wise Gold card, VIP customer service, contact us, bind mobile No./email to receive money and set the style of interface.
(XXI) Welcome Webpage
This is a webpage to welcome you logon Android Banking where you can find all the information such as birthday or festival greetings, security tips, messages for you from ICBC and friendly reminders. In the birthday greeting, you can find how much discount you can enjoy if you make transfer or remittance on your birthday; Friendly reminders are little notes to remind you the maturity dates of your call deposit, fixed deposit (30 days in advance), rollover investment agreement (7 days in advance), and ad-hoc report loss of card (remind when will your loss reporting expire).

II. Target Clients
Android users holding Wise Gold Card, Moneylink Card, ICBC Elite Club Card, Peony Credit Card or current savings passbook.

III. Features and Advantages
1. Exclusive services: Same styles of interfaces, flows and steps as in existing Android mobile phone and application software, familiar style to Android users.
2. Rich functions:
Android Banking offers eight functions - Manage A/C, Transfer/Remittance, Fund, Precious Metal, Mobile Phone Top-Up, ICBC Messenging, Service/Setting, Outlet Locator. Anytime you can capture every market opportunity to accumulate wealth.
3. Safe and reliable: ICBC e-password device or code card to help you protect the amount in your account.

IV. Application Conditions
1. You must be a holder of ICBC Wise Gold Card, Moneylink Card, ICBC Elite Club Card, Peony Credit Card or current savings passbook.
2. Download and install the apps from ICBC web portal (www.icbc.com.cn) or mobile banking portal (wap.icbc.com.cn), or through Google's Android Market app store. The name of the app is "ICBC Mobile Banking" (We recommend you to download and install from ICBC website).

V. Sign Up
Self-service Registration:
1. Android Banking apps: At the home page, click "Self-service Registration" and follow the instructions.
2. Mobile website: Use mobile phone to logon Mobile Banking (WAP) (wap.icbc.com.cn), click "Self-service Registration" and follow the instructions.
3. Web portal: Logon ICBC web portal (www.icbc.com.cn), at the right of the website or on the left of the Personal Internet Banking logon page, click "Self-service Registration of Mobile Banking" and follow the instructions to continue.
4. Personal Internet Banking: At the Personal Internet Banking, click “E-Banking Registration” and choose Mobile Banking. Follow the instructions to fill in your personal particulars, choose the registration card for signing up the service, enter the reserved verification information, logon password and registration card of first choice. Submit the application. The registration is successful once all information verified.

VI. ICBC Counter Registration: 
Apply in person at ICBC outlets using your identity document, bank card or current savings passbook, fill in the ICBC Electronic Banking Registration Form for Personal Customers and complete the formalities and then continue.

VII. Considerations
1. Logon for the first time: At the Android main interface, click the icon for ICBC Mobile Banking, go to logon webpage, enter the mobile No. and logon password, then click "Logon".
2. Logon not for the first time: At the logon webpage, the system will display back the last logon mobile No. in "Enter mobile No." by default, enter the logon password directly, then click "Logon". If you use other mobile No. to logon, click "Enter mobile No." and enter the mobile No..

1. What are the differences between Android Banking and Mobile Banking (WAP) in terms of services and functions?
The services and functions of Android Banking and Mobile Banking (WAP) are basically the same. Compared to the Mobile Banking (WAP), iPhone Banking comes with nicer and more unique interfaces. In some services (such as investment and wealth management), the data displayed in Android Banking are more direct and comprehensive. 

2. Any requirement on customer’s mobile phone to install ICBC Android Banking program?
There are two requirements:
(1) Use licensed Android phone, otherwise you cannot use ICBC Android Banking properly if you use unlicensed Android phone or unlicensed copy of mobile OS. 
(2) Use an Android OS version higher than version 2.1 (inclusive).

3. Does Android Banking need support of a specific mobile service carrier?
Unlike the Mobile Banking (WAP) where a specific mobile service carrier must be selected, Android Banking works on all mobile service carriers. No webpage for the selection of mobile service carriers. Mobile users of China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom are all welcomed to download and install Android client, logon ICBC iPhone Banking and enjoy the services.

IX. Definition
1. WAP: short for "Wireless Application Protocol", is an internet protocol for wireless terminal equipment, a communication protocol carried through HTTP.
2. Android phone: Mobile phones that use Android OS.
3. Android Market: A service from Google for Android phone/tablet users to browse and download Android applications. Android users have the option to buy the applications or use on a free trial basis.