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Awards to ICBC in 2008

In 2008, ICBC won critical acclaims from home and abroad, "Best Bank of China", "Best Corporate Lending Bank of China", "Best Sub-Custodian Bank in China", "Best Consumer Internet Bank of China", "Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank of China", "Best Consumer Internet Bank of Asia", "Best Consumer Internet Bank of Asia: Best Investment Management Services" and "Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank of Asia: Best Investment Management Services", "Best Trading Financing Bank of China"  from Global Finance . "Best Business Continuity Management Award." "Bank of the Year in Asia", "Bank of the Year in China", "Best Deal in China", "Best Deal in South Africa" , "Best Corporate Social Responsibility Award", "Best Corporate Image Award" from The Banker (UK), and the case of "ICBC Peony Business Card" won "Top 10 Financial Products" award in corporate business. "Best Bank in China ", "Best at Fixed Investment Portfolio Management in China ", "Best at Trusted Services in China " from Euromoney . "Best Custodian Bank in China " from Global Custodian. "Banking achievement 2008, Asia " from the "2008 Banking Achievement Review" organized by Emerging Markets. "Innovation in Credit Card Technology" from Visa International. " Best Premium Program – Credit", "Best Business Card", "Best Innovation in Product" from MasterCard. ICBC Annual Report was named as the "Best Annual Report – China " from Lafferty Group (UK) and was the bronze medal of "Vision Award" presented by League of American Communications Professionals (LACP). ICBC Won "Best Cash Management Bank of China" from the "TRIPLEA" poll conducted by The Asset (HK). In the "Triple A Country Awards 2008" of The Asset magazine, ICBC won "Best Domestic Bank, China". And ICBC also received "Best Integrated Deal of China" and "Best Sub-Custodian Bank of Mainland China" award from The Asset, "2008 Rising Star Trade Finance Bank in China" from The Asset (HK). "Best Bank of China " and "Best Cash Management Bank of China " from Finance Asia . "Best Retail Bank in China ", "Best State-owned Retail Bank in China " and "Multi-channel Retail Banking in China " from Asian Banker. "Best RMB Cash Management Bank" from Asia Money . "China In-House Team of the Year" and "Banking and Financial Service In-House Team of the Year" from Asia Legal Business. "Best Financial Risk Management Award in China Mainland" from Asia Risk's "Risk Management 2008" and Mr. Wei Guoxiong, ICBC CRO was the "Bank Risk Manager of the Year" in Asia. "Asia-Pacific Oil and Gas Deal of the Year" from Project Finance. "Best Investor Relations by a Chairman" and "Best Investor Relations by a CEO" were presented to Mr. Jiang Jianqing, Board Chairman of ICBC and Mr. Yang Kaisheng, President of ICBC respectively during the awarding ceremony of "China Conference & Awards 2008" by IR MAGAZINE. At the 5th Annual Asia Pacific Call Center Awards 2008 organized by Call Center Association of Singapore (CCAS), Call Center Association of Malaysia (CCAM), HK Call Center Association (HKCCA), ICBC 95588 took the three top awards of "Best Call Center in Asia Pacific", "Best Call Center in China", and "Best Call Center Manager in China". "Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards" from the selection of "Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards 2008" organized by CHKLC and CCGFP of Hong Kong Baptist University. During the event of "2008 Best Corporate Governance Disclosure Awards" organized by Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, ICBC won the "Gold Award" in the listing of H-share companies. ICBC ranked 18th in Millward Brown's list of "Top 100 Most Powerful Brands" and 16th in "Top 500 Banking Brands" of The Banker (UK). The "Indonesia Indramayu Power Plant USD 592 Million Export Buyer's Credit Project" that had ICBC as its head bank, was awarded the "Best Deal of 2008" by the international authoritative magazines Trade Finance and Global Trade Review.

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