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Success Stories

I have participated in and witnessed the development of ICBC in the areas of credit, capital and international business during 35 years of service in ICBC, which is the result of jointly efforts by institutions at all levels, and front, middle and back offices. People aiming high are ready to brave hardships to attain goals. I will continue to fulfill my responsibilities and missions and make proactive efforts according to the spirit of “fighter + doer” and “reform + innovation”. I will earnestly complete the task assigned by the history.
- Gong Ping,  Deputy Head of Beijing Branch (the Fifth “Touching ICBC” Employee)

I have ever served in the military for 17 years to defend the motherland and safeguard it's dignity. With the indomitable quality which had cultivated in the army, I have worked in the ICBC’s security line for 23 years to safeguard the state’s financial assets. I am grateful to ICBC for cultivating me and providing me a platform to continue to serve my motherland. In the future, I will devote myself to my position to make remarkable achievements.
-Zhang Jiangao, Manager of Security Department of ICBC Hengshui Branch (the Fifth “Touching ICBC” Employee, “Security Model” of the Head Office and “Banking Security Model” of the People’s Bank of China)

All good results arise from persistent belief and unremitting efforts. “A person should love and become proficient in his/her position”. No matter what position and any challenges should to face, I would unswervingly press ahead to fulfill my mission and make achievements.
-Gao Yali, Head of ICBC Shanxi Yuncheng Mudan Sub-branch (“Labor Day Medal of Shanxi Province”, the Fifth “Touching ICBC” Employee and short-listed candidate of “Shanxi Financial Craftsman” in the first Shanxi financial system)

As an ordinary ICBC employee, my growth is attributable to the organization’s cultivation and team’s help. I will work hard on each task ,and providing good service for employees and business development based on datas.I will stride towards a brilliant future of ICBC.
-Li Yingkui, Senior Analyst of Finance and Accounting Department of Hohhot Branch in Inner Mongolia province (the Fifth “Touching ICBC” Employee, “Banking Data Quality Improvement Competition Pacesetter” of the Head Office and “Model Individual of Financial Statistical Data Centralization with Outstanding Contributions” of the Head Office)

I have upheld and will practice the spirit of Lei Feng throughout my life. Under the influence of ICBC’s corporate culture, I have carried forward the spirit of Lei Feng on my position and collected Lei Feng-related culture products, conducting activities to tell his stories. I will carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng to make it shine bright forever.
-Wang Jianguo, Office Manager of Liaoning Chaoyang Branch (“Learning From Lei Feng Model” in the Chinese banking industry, “Learning From Lei Feng Volunteer Service Model” of China Volunteers Association, the Fifth “Touching ICBC” Employee and “Kind-hearted People of Liaoning”)

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